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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3376

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3376

The Strength Of Yartran

The first obstacle was the hundreds of rogue cultivators charging in.

The second one was Yartran’s aircraft that were firing their high-precision weapons to attack Levi.

As if those weren’t enough, the Nine Celestials Arrows were going straight for him.


Unfortunately, Levi caught it once again.

It was as though the arrow were his toy.

The funny thing was that the Nine Celestial Arrow behaved much better. It no longer attacked Levi and had rested peacefully in his grip.

Levi deliberately arranged for that to happen.

He had long had what it took to control the Nine Celestial Arrow, but he didn’t bother showing that.

“Go to hell!”

Levi let the Nine Celestial Arrow go once more.


He even flicked the end of the arrow a little and made it shoot forward with incredible speed and force.

It tore through the sky right away.

However, it was no longer aiming for Levi. Instead, it went after Yartran’s aircraft and its technologically advanced weapons.

Levi truly liked the Nine Celestial Arrow because it could withstand incredible power.

The terrifying force from the Nine Celestials Bow still lingered within that arrow, and his flick further increased the arrow’s destructive power, maximizing it.

Levi turned his attention to the hundreds of rogue cultivators coming at him from the side after that.

Yatran’s aircraft, on the other hand, were aiming their weapons at Levi and getting ready to fire.

That was when they suddenly detected a powerful force closing in on them, and it felt as though they were trapped.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Their radars started beeping to warn them of the imminent danger.

Something is wrong!

Voom! Voom! Voom!

The pilots instinctively powered up their aircraft’s defensive shield.

Just then, a series of lights showed up right in front of them, and those lights seemed to have strange symbols and patterns on them.

A terrifyingly strong spiritual energy was coming at them, but their defensive shield was meant to protect them against all threats…


The bad news was that the Nine Celestial Arrow had penetrated their shields easily.



In one swift move, it went through the aircraft and split it in two, destroying it instantly.

It didn’t matter what defensive shield was set up or what materials were used to build that aircraft.

The Nine Celestial Arrow still tore through it as though they were the thinnest fabric.



The Nine Celestial Arrow zipped through the sky, delivering fatal blows to Yatran’s other aircraft.

The type of aircraft and the high tech involved didn’t matter. Nothing could stop that arrow.

Hence, they suffered heavy blows.

Their forces in the air were destroyed, and that was something no one anticipated.

What the hell? The Nine Celestial Arrow ended up being Levi’s weapon?

Zordian and the others were dumbstruck.

Yatran’s weapon had fired some of their shots at Levi, but he punched all the missiles and bullets away with his fists.

Boom! Boom!

Explosions went off everywhere, and it was a mess in the sky.

Yatran’s weapons were too powerful and destructive, but Levi was stronger and could deal with them with his fists.

Then, several hundred rogue cultivators came after Levi at that moment.

“You have so many men with you, and I am pleasantly surprised with that, but they simply aren’t strong enough.”

Levi chuckled.

Those few hundred rogue cultivators attacked him simultaneously.

To their dismay, the expression Levi wore on his face shifted, and his body flushed out a horrifying aura.

Voom! Voom! Voom!

A humming in the air spread out around the place.



They weren’t even close to Levi before every single one of them exploded and turned into nothing but a cloud of bloody mist.

Gloria had paid extra attention when choosing those rogue cultivators, but they turned out to be nothing more than ants when they fought against Levi.

Regardless of how many were sent, they still died. There was no competition whatsoever.

They were somewhat useful, though, because they acted as a shield for the assassins from Hell’s Gate.

The assassins moved as though they were the rogue cultivators’ shadows.

Those assassins jumped out of nowhere and ambushed Levi from all directions as soon as the rogue cultivators fell.

That was not all.

Someone even dug a hole and sprang up from under Levi’s feet to kill him.

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