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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3367

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3367

The Power Of Pure Physique Training

“Kill him!”

At the battle cry, the army of the Ecclesiastic Order charged toward Levi in unison.

This time, their combined force was much stronger than the one that had attacked North Pavilion. They were also much more coordinated.

Swarming toward Levi, their combined might and number was terrifying.

Every one of them had cultivated the Art of Consumption to mastery. Intent on tearing Levi to pieces, they surrounded him.

The Top Ten were also among them, waiting for the opportunity to deliver their killing blows.

“You’re just in time!” Levi cackled maniacally.

The fallen leaves all over the ground suddenly rose and surrounded him in a dense cloud, almost hiding him from view.

They enveloped Levi’s entire body, like Golden Armor, as it emitted a low throbbing noise.


Without warning, Levi unleashed the leaves with a roar.


The fallen leaves shot outward like bullets, but many times faster.

Every individual leaf was propelled forward by an unseen and terrifying force as the dense wall of fallen leaves shot outward in every direction.


The fighter closest to the incoming onslaught scoffed in disdain.

Tightening his grip around the hilt of his sword, he brought his weapon up with the intent of slicing through the barrage.

The glint of his sword was reflected in his eye. He was confident of his ability to shatter the formation with one stroke.


The next moment, the leaves collided with the blade with an unnatural metallic clang.


Microscopic fractures spread throughout the entire surface of the blade.

At the same time, the force reverberating through the blade was so immense that its wielder’s arm was shattered with a sickening crunch before being thrown backward with a shrill scream as if he was electrocuted.

When he landed in a crumpled heap, his comrades found to their horror that his body had been twisted into a knot. It was barely a mass of bones and torn flash.

It was beyond their imagination to comprehend the terrifying force behind the innocuous leaves.

However, they could not remain stationary for long as they were similarly overwhelmed.

As if obeying an elemental force, the tiny leaves shot up and formed a menacing tornado.

The bloodthirsty expressions on their faces turned into panic as the leaves descended upon them.

What fearsome power! We can’t even fight back!




Like a furious swarm, the leaves ravaged the crowd indiscriminately. The bodies of some were punctured with such brutal impact that a cloud of blood was left in their wake, while others were torn apart from multiple directions.

Some were so savagely mutilated by the fallen leaves that only their legs remained firmly planted on the ground with their upper halves sliced into pieces.

Oh, the horror! This is what hell must look like!

The power of the leaves was too terrifying to behold.

Despite the size of the crowd, very few fighters at the scene could claim they were a match of that force.

As most of them were dead, only a handful of elites remaining had managed to fend off the killing blows thus far.

However, the effort had cost them broken limbs and shattered internal organs.

Those were the ones who had fared the best. They had managed to put up some form of resistance at the very least.




The Top Ten resisted one deadly leaf at a time with grim determination, being knocked back dozens of steps throughout their defense in the meantime.

Except for Flavius and Rylai, the other eight were so wounded that they threw up blood.

As the blood welled up in their lungs, they felt a constant buzzing within their bodies.

Recognizing the futility of their resistance, they turned deathly pale.

What kind of power does he possess? This is terrifying!

“Is that the Art of Consumption?” Zordian exclaimed in surprise.

That must be it. Look at Levi’s control over the element of air and weaponizing fallen leaves.

The others nodded solemnly in agreement.

He has managed to refine the Art of Consumption after all! How is it possible for someone with pure physique training to be that powerful?

This is simply impossible!

“No, this is pure power,” Flavius corrected with a grim expression. “He has just mastered it to the extreme!”

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