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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3364

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3364

Come At Me All At Once

The pair did not participate with the rest of the Top Ten in the mockery as they did not deem Levi worthy of their time.

Then again, not many people are worthy of our admiration. Indeed not many within the Ecclesiastic Order.

The words of their comrades further bolstered Flavius and Rylai’s confidence.

Levi suddenly smiled as if he was reminded of something at the sight of the two. “Don’t tell me the pair of you are the two traitors of North Pavilion, aren’t you? I heard you were the wards of the Three Sages of North Pavilion. It was due to their training that enabled you to get recruited by East Pavilion before defaulting and branded as traitors, right?”

Flavius and Rylai could no longer maintain their arrogant indifference at the sound of those words, which produced an electrifying effect on them and caused them to go nearly wild with fury.

Hating and fearing being called traitors, Levi’s words had struck a sore spot in Flavius and Rylai.

They were not born into a powerful faction. Instead, they came from a family of rogue cultivators and were found by the Three Sages of North Pavilion.

Those two would have died in childhood if not for their protective environment.

Having been endowed with spiritual bones that were no less powerful than an elemental spiritual bone, young Flavius and Rylai would have had their gift forcefully harvested long ago if they were found out, rendering their fates bleak and miserable.

The Three Sages of North Pavilion raised them under their protection within North Pavilion at great expense.

Despite all that, Flavius and Rylai were quick to align themselves with the elders of East Pavilion when they came knocking as they saw a brighter future for themselves there.

Their departure had also caused North Pavilion to fall directly from the ranks of any future competition and sealing its position at the bottom of the Five Pavilions.

Though it had become common knowledge within the Ecclesiastic Order, Flavius and Rylai still feared having their betrayal openly discussed.

However, nobody dared say a word against their strength and reputation.

Levi’s blatant announcement struck the most profound shame in their hearts.

Instantly, the arrogance and coldness on their faces disappeared and made way for anger.

They were not the only ones. Even the rest of Top Ten and all the other fighters of the Ecclesiastic Order were embarrassed, conscious of the stain upon their legacy that nobody dared hitherto discuss out loud.

In fact, that was the first time they had met somebody bold enough to say it out loud.

“Do you have a death wish?”

“A hundred deaths is not enough of a punishment to serve you for uttering these words!” Flavius roared, his body rigid with murderous intent.

“You will pay for that, Levi!” Rylai snarled. “Be prepared to wish that you’ve never been born!”

The two best fighters of the Top Ten were already on the verge of losing their temper.

In their eyes, Levi was already a corpse.

“Is that so?” Levi smiled. “Did I say something that hurt your feelings? Is this your confession of your betrayal?”

Flavius could not take it anymore. “Stand back, the rest of you!” he rumbled. “Levi is mine!”

His entire being positively steamed with fury.

Levi beckoned. “Come on, then! Enough chatter. Let me avenge those three old men. Come at me all at once, all ten of you!”

The group had enough of Levi’s provocation.

“No!” a voice shouted. “Didn’t we agree to compete for who kills Levi first? I’m not going to concede my chance to claim his head!”

The others began to speak up as well.

Rylai nodded her assent. “Levi provocation extends to all ten of us! I say we have the competition now!”

The Top Ten’s excitement grew as they stared hungrily at Levi like he was their prey.

“Charge!” they cried in unison, their rage finally spilling over.

Flavius was the first to reach Levi like a bolt of lightning with a series of steps so thunderous that the ground beneath him shook.

Not to be outdone, the others surrounded Levi almost simultaneously.

Instead of putting on a united front, they were each intent on being the one to deal the killing blow.

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