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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3363

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3363

Ignorant As Always

A sudden voice came to the shock of the Top Ten and the others who were present.

Every eye was drawn to the figure inside the building, who was revealed to be none other than Levi.

Did he not run away? How could we not even notice the presence of such a legendary figure in our vicinity?

Levi regarded them lazily. “Have you all arrived?”

The Top Ten were furious by his scornful gaze as they could tell that he did not take them seriously at all.

No one has ever dared treat us with such disdain!

Even the elders of the Ecclesiastic Order were respectful toward the Top Ten. Aside from being the future of their order, the strength of the Top Ten at that point was also comparable to their elders.

Levi’s blatant disrespect toward them had undoubtedly struck a nerve.

Just as they were about to speak, Levi’s voice sounded again. “Since you’re all present, take a knee!”

His arrogant words further shocked the Top Ten.

The tens of thousands of elites from the Ecclesiastic Order behind them were also stunned.

What’s going on? Did he just ask us to kneel?

“You should be apologizing on your knees after destroying my residence,” Levi explained. “I’ll spare your lives for now. You’d better stay behind and repair the damages you’ve caused!”

Though a look of comprehension dawned upon the faces of the crowd, his words merely incensed the Top Ten.

“That’s presumptuous!” Davin roared. “How dare you speak to us this way?”

Zordian, Sven, and the other members of the Top Ten were brimming with indignant anger as well. “How dare you have us kneel? What right do you have?”

“You should be kneeling before us instead. We might leave your corpse intact if you do.”

“I don’t see the need to exert myself for the lives of a couple of brats like you,” Levi said coolly.

Though the Top Ten’s tyranny is now comparable to that of the Three Sages of North Pavilion, so what? That’s still not going to stop me.

Contrasting the grimness of his intent, Levi’s easygoing appearance and the indifferent tone he voiced his disdain acted like a spark that fueled their rage.

Nobody has ever disrespected us like that. This slight shall not go unpunished!

“You are too arrogant, Levi,” Katri said coldly. “More than you have the right to be!”

Luna sneered as well, “You’re ignorant as always! You are destined to never see the outside world for as long as you live if you continue being short-sighted as you are. There is always somebody more powerful than you out there!”

The female members of the Top Ten spoke out in unison. “That’s right!” Ryvonne said, her voice louder than the rest. “You’re skilled, I’ll give you that! Though you did manage to defeat the thirteen factions of Wolf God Palace and kill the four elites of the Cetus, that doesn’t give you free rein to disrespect the Ecclesiastic Order!”

“Keep in mind that we can just do what you did as easily! Though many are weaker than you, there are also plenty more who are stronger than you!”

“Yes, many within the Ecclesiastic Order are more powerful than you. They merely do not see the need to get here to deal with you. Who do you think you are to have them exert themselves?”

“We are here to kill you now. It will be the most glorious moment of your life! Remember this day!”

The Top Ten remained very confident in their strength.

They felt, at the very least, that they were of equal strength as Levi.

His defeat would be imminent upon the demonstration of the Top Ten’s ultimate abilities alone, notwithstanding their strength in numbers.

“The strongest among us are Flavius and Rylai!” Thelomios sneered, “You may be able to hold your own against the rest of us, but you’ll be killed in seconds if you meet these two!”

Flavius did not even turn around at the mention of his name. With his hands behind his back, he was so convinced of his own abilities that he never once deigned to look at Levi.

Rylai, on the other hand, emanated a chill of a glacier that had stood for ten millennia. Exuding a domineering and cold aura like a queen, she took Levi even less seriously than Flavius did.

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