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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2326

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2326

How Adorable

“No! We need to go our separate ways so we can grow swiftly.”

Turning to her parents, Zoey ordered, “Dad, Mom, you need to separate, too. From my previous experience, this is the fastest way to increase one’s strength!”

Her words received approving nods from Azure Dragon and the rest.

“Yes, only those who had the experience would know that the best way to gain more experience was to complete the tournament challenge alone! But if anyone lands in trouble, he or she can send a distress signal. Anyone who is nearby can offer help,” Azure Dragon suggested.

Everyone agreed to go separate ways.

“I disagree. It’s too dangerous for everyone to complete the challenge alone. I might not have enough time to save everyone!” Levi shook his head firmly.

Right then, Shaun and the rest burst out laughing.

“Levi, oh Levi. You’re scared witless, right? You want us to stay with you and protect you, right?”

“Look at you. Are you capable enough to protect us? You’re obviously scared!”

“Get out now! No one will protect you here!”

“Yes, if you’re scared, leave right this instant! No one is stopping you from leaving.”

They started ridiculing Levi, and many even asked Levi to leave!

“No! He’s here to train. He can’t leave!” Zoey insisted.

“Fine, then. He has a death wish!”

Shaun and the rest turned on their heels and strode away.

They were disgusted by the way Levi boasted about his abilities.

“From this moment onward, we shall go our separate ways!” Zoey announced.

Levi heaved an exasperated sigh. “Fine. I’ll try my best to protect everyone!”

I can’t go far as I have to protect them at all costs. Forget it. It seemed that I have no choice but to take one step at a time. If needed, I can ask for the Sacred Organization’s help. Anyway, I’ve asked Death Demon to arrange a group of fighters outside. They are to keep an eye on Maya Industries’ actions and head in to save lives if needed.

Just like that, Levi entered the indigenous forest himself.

However, he kept an eye on Zoey and the rest who were scattered around him.

He could sense their location, and that was a pleasant surprise to him.

Turns out Zoey and the others are not far away. They are wandering around me. The furthest are Kirin and Floyd, who are less than a hundred miles away. The others are even closer. Zoey is around thirty miles away, and the others are scattered around thirty to a hundred miles away from me.

After sensing their location, Levi flashed a grin.

He finally realized why Zoey and the others insisted on bringing him here.

They want to force me into a corner. When I realize my techniques are useless, I’ll give them up and train the latest techniques. That was why they insisted on going separate ways but remained near to me. Look at how they scattered all around me in a protective circle.

Though they wanted him to feel helpless that he wasn’t strong enough to defeat the enemy alone, they wanted to make sure he was safe.

Ah, how adorable!

Levi chuckled at the thought.

Though they were harsh to him, they were in fact trying to protect him.

In a way, it would also benefit Levi.

It was easier for him to protect Zoey and the others, as they were only less than one hundred miles away from him.

If anyone got into trouble, he could get there right away.

But if they were further away, he might not arrive to save them in time.

Thus, he breathed a sigh of relief.

With that, he could focus on what he needed to do—find out what Maya Industries had in mind.

Twenty thousand fighters marched into the indigenous forest.

The unknown and dangerous presence was lying in wait for them.

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