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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2323

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2323

One Third Of The Forces Quit

Levi would only realize how weak and helpless he was when forced into a corner.

His strength wasn’t enough to ensure his survival, let alone protect someone else.

After Levi realized he wasn’t strong enough, he’d give up on the past and accept the new stuff from the new era to improve his strength swiftly.

Thus, Zoey immediately gathered them for a discussion after the news of the challenge was released.

Everyone decided that it was a great plan.

They would have to bring Levi along to the tournament challenge.

“You have to go! You don’t have a choice. Evie’s coming along, too. Are you sure about your decision not to go?” Zoey exclaimed.

Actually, Levi planned to find out what Maya Industries’ real plan was.

The best way was to sneak in and make himself a target to find out the truth.

Levi was wondering how to do that when they arrived and provided him with the solution.

“All right. I shall take part in the tournament challenge!” he announced.

Everyone nodded happily. “Okay. Get prepared. We’re going to depart now!”

Something occurred to Levi as he asked, “By the way, did a lot of people register to take part in the challenge this time?”

“What? Boss, let me put it this way: besides the top ten Divine Leaderboard fighters, the other one thousand Divine Leaderboard fighters and ten thousand Provisional Leaderboard fighters had registered their names. Including the other fighters, there had to be at least tens of thousands of participants!”

“To conclude, almost all the above-average fighters in the world will be taking part. There are plenty of elite fighters, too. I’m pretty sure the rankings on the Divine Leaderboard and Provisional Leaderboard will change a lot.”

Everyone was eager to take part in the tournament challenge.

They wanted to increase their strengths and ranking on the Divine Leaderboard.

“Almost all the fighters in the world will be taking part?” Levi furrowed his brows and touched his jaw.

That means Maya Industries will be able to gather the information and data of almost all the fighters in the world! They will know the capabilities and talents of the fighters! Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses will be exposed to Maya Industries. The tournament challenge that they prepared would control pretty much everything.

That was a terrifying thought.

After all, someone who knew the fighters inside out would be able to target them easily.

If a battle were to ensue, the fighters would lose their lives for sure.

By now, Levi could practically guess what Maya Industries was after.

The reason they placed the mutated zombies in the indigenous forest was to train the fighters and get sufficient information about the fighters’ weaknesses and strengths.

It was all a scheme.

A horrible one at that!

Levi grew increasingly curious and decided to head there to see for himself.

Before that, he had to do something.

When everyone was busy registering to take part in the tournament challenge, fighters from various forces—including Kings—announced they were backing out from the tournament challenge.

One-third of the forces had announced they wouldn’t be taking part in the tournament challenge!

Levi had relayed orders that every force and fighter affiliated with the Sacred Organization were to back out before it was too late, for he didn’t want Maya Industries to learn more about them.

The news of one-third of the forces to back out of the tournament challenge was mind-blowing enough.

No doubt, it came as a shock to everyone.

However, the other forces knew it was the Sacred Organization that made that decision.

It was normal for the mysterious force to make such a decision, for no one knew what was going on in Dark Emperor’s mind.

As Dark Emperor was ranked first on the Divine Leaderboard, no one would question her.

Alas, they had no idea that Levi was now the new Dark Emperor.

After everything was all set, they departed for the indigenous forest in Adrune.

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