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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2316

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2316

The Dumb List

Black Tortoise tested the waters and asked cautiously.

Everyone else was curious about it as well.

Levi gave them a cliff’s note version of how he squashed the entire nation.

They believed what Levi said about what had happened.

Just then, Azure Dragon and the others suddenly recalled something.

Everyone turned to one another and suddenly understood something.

It’s Forlevia and her mentors! They rescued us the night before, and there is only one reason they would show up there in the first place.

They wanted to get the new material for boss!

That means they must’ve attacked!

The Elders from The Cardinal Hall aren’t in the position to show up in public, so they secretly pressured the country and forced them to deliver the item. Okay, everything makes sense now.

This is all Evie and her mentors’ doing. Evie might not have what it takes to bring the entire nation to its knees, but her mentors do. They are on the Divine Leaderboard, but no one would dare go against them, anyway. They can certainly accomplish all that if they join forces.

Everyone grinned after they made sense of everything.

Levi saw the expression on their faces and knew what they were thinking.

He didn’t mind not getting any credit, though.

Meh, as long as they feel safe.

“You should swallow the new material now that we have it with us.”

“Yeah, let’s hurry before they change their minds.”

Everyone took the new material over for Levi to swallow.

Levi didn’t want anyone to worry, so he swallowed it obediently.

Everyone sighed a breath of relief when they saw him take the new material.

After that, they stored the rest of the new material. They cheered and started celebrating.

“We spent so much time, but it is all worth it. We finally cured boss!”

“This is perfect. We’ve cured the root of boss’ illness.”

“Thank the heavens. I knew it. I told you that boss will be just fine.”

Everyone cheered, but Azure Dragon remained calm.

“Just to be sure, please examine boss once more, Phoenix,” requested Azure Dragon.

Phoenix began examining immediately.

An hour later.

Phoenix blurted in surprise, “It seems that the material is working! Boss’ health is tip-top, and there is no sign of him being sick. Looks like the effects of Maya Industries’ weapon have been neutralized completely. Boss has recovered!”

Phoenix’s words got everyone all fired up.

They celebrated freely and happily.

Everyone assumed that the new material had cured Levi of the chemical substance caused by the Maya Industries.

They didn’t know that Levi was never sick in the first place.

Truth was, Phoenix was too worried and thought that something was off with Levi’s health, even when he was just fine. She simply assumed that the poison was idle and hadn’t acted up.

His condition remained the same after he took the new material, but Phoenix’s anxiety had eased up. That was why she gave Levi a clean bill of health after she examined him again.

Levi grinned exasperatedly.

His health had nothing to do with the new material, but Azure Dragon and the others thought that the new material cured him.

Levi didn’t care what they thought, though. He just wanted them to be happy.

“Alright, let’s head back now. We must keep the remaining new material safe.”

Everyone returned right away.

“Boss, you will have to train hard after you return. The competition between you and your wife is still on. You only have two months left, right? You must rank higher than she does.”

“He’s right. Once she recovers, her strength will likely rise exponentially, and she will definitely be one of the top-ranking individuals on the Divine Leaderboard. You can’t lose. Let’s rush home and find a way to merge all of our techniques. Make it into something of your own and wow everyone!” said Azure Dragon with a smile.

Everyone else nodded in agreement. “That’s right. We have faith in you, boss, and are holding our breaths to see how bright your future is.”

Everyone was anticipating the birth of yet another great fighter.

“Pfft, just let them rank however they like.”

Levi never gave a sh*t about a stupid list, anyway.

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