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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2313

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2313

Then Die



The bloody mist spread out in front of everyone.

Aristole, Niel, and the others were affected the most because they were standing closest to the guy.

His blood splattered all over their faces.

Hence, they could all feel the warm blood sitting on their faces.

Silence ensued.

The entire place had turned eerily quiet.

No one thought that Levi would suddenly attack like that.

The man Levi slapped to death was relatively weak and was practically ranked last on the Provisional Leaderboard.

Still, it was rather terrifying that he was turned into a bloody mist in a matter of seconds.

“Kill him!” commanded Aristole right away after he regained his footing.

How dare he commit murder in front of us? He must die!

“Yeah, kill him!”

Niel and the others shouted as well.

Almost a hundred fighters attacked simultaneously.




It only took Levi a few slaps and a few punches to turn those fighters into bloody mists as well.

They never even had a chance to defend themselves.

How shocking!

Every single person on site was dumbstruck.

They stared at Levi in disbelief.

It wasn’t strange that he murdered one fighter, but he managed to kill close to a hundred of them. That was definitely upsetting.

“Attack, now! I don’t believe that Levi Garrison can threaten us on his own,” growled Aristole, who was getting a little angry.

He sent more and more fighters into the field.

However, Levi never stopped forging ahead.

It didn’t matter how many fighters were going after him. He still managed to turn them into a bloody mist with just one slap.


Everyone’s expression turned grim.

It was possible that the mediocre fighters they sent in earlier weren’t strong enough to defeat Levi, but things had since changed.

Most of the fighters they sent in after that were supposed to be stronger than Levi.

“I gave everyone a chance, but you refused to heed my warning.”

Levi sneered. He killed the fighters one after another.

“Oh no!”

“Oh sh*t!”

“Levi had been hiding his true strength!”

Aristole and Niel were quick to figure things out.

Given the power he was displaying at the time, there was no way he was ranked that low on the Provisional Leaderboard.

At the very least, he is on the top of the Provisional Leaderboard!

“Is that so? Then I will kill him!”

A Doomsday Seed Vault’s Protector, who was on the Divine Leaderboard, grinned evilly while slowly approaching Levi.

As far as the fighter was concerned, it didn’t matter how strong Levi was. There is no way he is on the Divine Leaderboard.



Unfortunately, the fighter instantly got slapped into a bloody mist. It was as if the fighter was an exploding watermelon.

Everyone was stunned to see that.

He killed a fighter on the Divine Leaderboard just like that? Just how strong is that guy?

Aristole’s and Niel’s minds were blank.

They didn’t even know how to process everything they were seeing.

“Kill him!”

The others fighters went after Levi one after another.

They refused to let Levi stomp on Archulea’s pride like that.

Even the fighters on the Divine Leaderboard were going all out.

“Are you the ones who wounded my men?” demanded Levi cruelly.

“Yeah, we are! Those useless pieces of trash are weak. Yet, they tried to steal the new material. They were lucky they ran fast enough. If they hadn’t, they would all be dead now.”

“What’cha gonna do? Avenge those idiots?”

The fighters on the Divine Leaderboard never took Levi seriously.

“Good to know. Now die!”

Levi’s massacre began as soon as he finished speaking.

The fighters on the Divine Leaderboard started the fight feeling proud, but that was soon replaced with surprise, then horror, then hopelessness.



The fighters on the Divine Leaderboard fell one by one as Levi turned them all into nothing but rotting meat.

Despite their terrifying fighting skills and powers, they were still no more than ordinary folks when faced with Levi.

He literally slapped them all to their deaths.

His combat prowess was undeniable.

In a matter of seconds, over a hundred fighters had turned into a pile of rotting meat.

The more fighters Levi fell, the more terrified Archulea was.

Every single citizen on site was about to go crazy.

T-They were the best fighters in the country, and they were the country’s pride and joy! Yet, he killed them in an instant.

The most terrifying bit was that Levi only needed to slap them once to kill them off, and that was true, regardless of how powerful the fighters were.

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Levi scanned the citizens of Archulea slowly.a

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