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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2312

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2312

Murder Is What He Would Do

At first, Levi planned on waiting a little longer.

But those assh*les hurt my men!

It would be strange if Levi wasn’t mad.

I will freaking turn Archulea upside down today.

Kill! Murder! Massacre!

These fcking asshle! How dare they repay my kindness with heartlessness? Do they see me as a pushover? I rescued your asses from hell, and I can put you back to the same sht I rescued you from!

“Where are you going, boss?”

Phoenix, who was injured, tried to stop Levi, but he still walked away with a grouchy expression on.

He never replied.

“Just let him go. Evie and the Elders from The Cardinal Hall are there, so I’m sure he’ll be fine,” said Floyd.

“That’s true. Boss will be fine. Just let him be.”

Everyone thought that those words made sense.

Forlevia and the Elders were there, so it was likely that Levi would be safe.

They were all wounded and were in need of medical attention, so there was not much they could do, anyway.

What they didn’t know was that Forlevia tried to break through the Doomsday Seed Vault immediately after they left.

Unfortunately, her enemy had too many elite fighters with them.

It didn’t matter how strong she was. She was still a little behind.

It took her ages, but she still couldn’t break through, so she had to give up and retreat.

The elders couldn’t attack unless Forlevia was in danger because it wasn’t socially appropriate for them to demand that the Doomsday Seed Vault hand the new material over.

They represented The Cardinal Hall, after all, and they would be the laughing stock if they joined in the fight.

“Let’s fall back for now, Evie. We’ll come up with a solution for you. Taking it by force won’t do. At worst, we’ll just make them an offer they can’t refuse. We’ll negotiate with them tomorrow and will give them whatever it is they want.”

The Elders took Forlevia out of there soon after.

They had to promise Forlevia that they would let her exchange anything for the new material that could save Levi.

Only then did Forlevia leave.

They were going to negotiate with their enemy on the following day.

As soon as they left, a figure suddenly showed up.

It was Levi!

He had a grouchy expression on as he approached.

Over a hundred fighters were standing in front of the Doomsday Seed Vault.

Their leaders were Aristole and Niel.

The fighters on the Divine Leaderboard were there as well.

Quite a number of people had been trying to get their hands on the new material.

They were particularly worried when they saw how many skilled fighters Azure Dragon had with them.

Hence, Archulea assigned all of their best fighters over and was determined to keep the Doomsday Seed Vault safe.

They redirected the entire nation’s power to that one place, and it was truly horrifying.

The Doomsday Seed Vault already had dozens of elite fighters, to begin with, so the extra help made the place even more impenetrable.

Archulea was showing off all of its fighters in one go, and it was frightening.

A force like that… It could turn the entire world upside down!

One display was enough, and no one would ever dare to look down on them ever again.

No one would dare go after the Doomsday Seed Vault, either.

That was why Forlevia wasn’t able to break through.

Even the Elders weren’t certain that they could steal the new material from an army like that.

It was one of the reasons they hadn’t attacked earlier.

“I bet no one else would come over again.”

“Hah, no one has the guts to do so. A bunch of fighters on the Divine Leaderboard had just been wounded and forced to leave!”

“Yeah! It might actually be right to say that even the top fighters on the Divine Leaderboard will have trouble if they come over.”

“That’s true. Only an idiot would come over at a time like this.”

Aristole, Niel, and the others were still discussing the matter when a figure suddenly showed up.

It was Levi.

It didn’t take long before everyone saw who it was.


Everyone laughed when they saw Levi there, and Aristole was especially happy about it.

At that moment, they saw Levi as nothing but an idiot.

I can’t believe he came here at a time like this. What’s the point? Is he here to let us kill him?


Aristole was laughing so much that he was having a stomachache.

“What are you doing here, Levi Garrison?” asked Niel while laughing.

“Are you here to avenge your men?” asked a random fellow before he laughed aloud.


Just then, Levi slapped the guy and turned him into a bloody mist.

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