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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2305

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2305

They Owe Me A Debt Of Gratitude

“Right! It’s a golden opportunity! We must seize it and go all in! Whatever the conditions proposed by the other side, we must agree regardless!”

Everyone was on the same page.

“Besides, the news just got in! I think the others will find out about it very soon. By then, we must stop those who try to get in the way! If they were to find the material before us, then it’s over!” said Sword Fiend.

Azure Dragon responded, “Hence, from this very moment, we must act before them! There is no time to waste! Let’s head out to Archulea!”

Phoenix chipped in the conversation as well, “To avoid further complications, you must follow us to Archulea, boss! Once we obtain the new material, we may utilize it immediately!”

Azure Dragon and the others had everything sorted out. On the other hand, Levi was not able to contribute to the conversation.

“Sure, let’s get moving!” the group began their journey immediately.

However, Phoenix abruptly uttered, “This is bad! There’s a new leak in the dark web…”

The group exclaimed, “What?”

Phoenix continued, “According to the dark web, the Doomsday Seed Vault in Archulea discovered a new material, a weapon that can neutralize the Maya Industries. Detailed reports and data are released as well! Everyone is crazy about it!”

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

How unfortunate can things be…

It was just resolved moments ago that everyone should act swiftly.

The next second, the advantage vanished.

The entire world was now aware of the fact.

And it was groundbreaking news to everyone!

At an instant, the news spread like wildfire!

“The dark web?” Levi muttered.

Three years ago, the existence of the dark web was mysterious and perplexing.

It had always managed to disseminate first-hand information and news to the world.

The dark web supposedly resembled the pinnacle of power…

Three years had passed, and the influence of the dark web remained impeccable.

Just as they received the news, it was also released on the dark web seconds later.

Who really is the mastermind behind the dark web?

“What do you guys know about the dark web?” asked Levi.

“Boss, at this unfortunate moment, why are you still obsessed with the dark web? We’re better off strategizing for a new plan to acquire the new material!”

“There must be a horde of people swarming towards Archulea for the new material, including the Maya Industries! Understandably, they will not want the world to know their weakness!”

“Besides, all the opponents will spring into action! Even if they cannot keep it for themselves, they will find ways to destroy it, to prevent you from obtaining it!”


They are right.

In the meantime, Donald was on his way to Archulea after knowing about the new material.

They would never let Levi acquire it.

He must die!

Even Edmund was interested. “It’s fine. Even without our involvement, there must be tons of people flooding towards Archulea now! Levi can only dream to acquire the new material!”

In the Maya Industries.

Every powerhouse in Raysonia.

Every powerhouse in Zarain.

One after another were heading towards Archulea.

The new material would be the kingmaker. The status and influence of Maya Industries and all other powerhouses were dependent on it.

Some were there to stir the pot.

There were even discussions ongoing between prominent chieftains and leaders from Archulea.

Although there was only a slim chance, Azure Dragon brought Levi together and took off.

Time was of the essence.

They must try their very best.

Even if it meant that sacrifices must be made to acquire the new material.

Levi was extremely touched.

He deeply appreciated all that they had done.

“Do you guys really want the new material?” asked Levi.

“What?” the group was stupefied.

“Of course we do! Boss, don’t you feel the same way? The new material can save your life!” the group answered.

Levi then uttered, “By the way, I recall that Archulea owes me a debt of gratitude! Three years ago, I protected Archulea and fended off the Progenitor. Perhaps it’s time for Archulea to repay the debt!”

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