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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2297

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2297

No Hope For Levi

Donald merely smiled. “No, I won’t give him a chance. What if he makes it past the nine days? I shall make sure he loses all hope. I want him to wallow in despair!”

A vicious glint appeared in Donald’s eyes.

Realizing what he meant, Tyrone blurted out, “Do you mean you’ll stop them from producing the drugs by cutting off their resources?”

“Yes, you’re right!” Donald nodded.

Tyrone remained doubtful. “But I don’t think we can interfere in Garrison Industry’s business, especially when Phoenix and the others are council members.”

“Do they have more authority than Edmund, The Cardinal Hall General? Besides, they didn’t inform him that they used the highest security lab!” sneered Donald.

Tyrone was confused. “But there’s no way we can control Edmund. Will he even listen to us?”

Without warning, Donald burst out laughing.

“Oh, looks like you don’t know that Edmund and I are now friends. We’ve agreed to collaborate, for that’s the best way to survive in this new era. As long as I tell him about this, he’ll do as told!” he announced. “Besides, Edmund doesn’t like Levi, too. If he finds out Phoenix and the rest used the highest security lab just to develop drugs for Levi, he’ll definitely fly into a fit of rage!”

Having heard that, Tyrone broke out laughing.

“I’ll contact Edmund now and dash Levi’s hope!” Donald declared icily.

On the way back to North Hampton, Kirin, Azure Dragon, and the rest wore grim expressions on their faces as they analyzed the situation.

“Mia said those men were all fighters ranked on the Divine Leaderboard. It’s pretty obvious who is behind this. However, this isn’t the time for us to seek revenge. We shall wait until boss gets better!” Kirin declared.

“Yes, you’re right. We shall avenge boss when he gets better.” Azure Dragon gave a curt nod. “I also sent men to find other drugs that can suppress the chemical. Hopefully, we will receive news soon!”

There was no way he’d place all his hopes on Phoenix alone.

They would definitely get back at the culprit for what he did!

When Levi saw his subordinates rushing to him, he froze in shock.

What happened?

“Boss, are you all right?” they demanded, scanning his figure anxiously.

“Huh? What’s wrong? I’m fine!” Levi answered, confused.

“The drug’s effect hasn’t worn off yet. The chemical will most probably take effect tomorrow.”

That thought caused Azure Dragon and the others to furrow their brows.

“Hey, what’s going on? Did something happen?” urged Levi. He couldn’t understand why they were acting this way.

“The drugs have been destroyed. The latest batch of drugs had been destroyed by a bunch of men deliberately. They are gone.”

“For the next nine days, you won’t be able to take the drugs to suppress the chemical.”

“Yes, there’s a possibility that the chemical might strike out of a sudden. No one knows what will happen.”

Azure Dragon and the rest explained with grim expressions as though the end of the world had arrived.

Levi merely heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh, I thought it was something serious. You gave me a fright!”

“Isn’t this serious enough?” His subordinates shot Levi baffled stares.

“Of course. I’m fine, right? It’s nothing serious. Don’t worry. Well, I can’t really explain how…” Levi flashed a helpless grin.

“Listen, boss. You’ve been fine all the while because the drug developed by Garrison Industry had been suppressing the chemical substance! If you don’t take the drug, the chemical might attack soon enough,” they exclaimed.

“Well, let’s just hope that you can hang on for nine more days. Phoenix is working hard to develop a new batch of drugs!”

They prayed that Levi could survive the ordeal.

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