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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2289

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2289

One Punch

Someone challenged Dark Emperor. After the Divine Leaderboard’s update, Dark Emperor was still number one. To top that off, Dark Emperor’s prestige was nigh unassailable because of what Levi did in Adrune.

Even so, some fighters still couldn’t hold their pride in. They thought the leaderboard was biased, so they wanted to challenge Dark Emperor. They wanted to top the leaderboards, after all.

There were four challengers this time, and they were, in Divine Leaderboard terms, number nine, number seven, number five, and number four.

They came to Sacred Organization and issued a challenge. Unbeknownst to them, Dark Emperor’s true identity was Levi.

Left with no choice, Death Fiend told Levi about the challenge, asking if he would accept it.

“Good. Accept their challenge and tell the world they can come right at me if they want to fight,” Levi said.

“I understand.”

A short while after that, Sacred Organization released a statement under Dark Emperor’s name, telling everyone who wanted to challenge Dark Emperor to come to Sacred Organization after three days.

As of now, four Divine Leaderboard fighters were already there, but still, the news shook the world.

It might even change the power dynamics. If some fighters came out of their training and defeat Dark Emperor, that’d be new history right there.

But for most people, Dark Emperor was undefeatable.

When Zoey found out about what happened, she sneered. “They don’t know how powerful master is. Nobody can win against her. Nobody. She’s at the top of Divine Leaderboard for a reason. The moderators won’t make any mistakes here.”

Levi shook his head in disapproval.

Undefeatable? I killed her with a single punch, girl.

But he had to say that Zoey was right. Levi was undefeatable, and since he was Dark Emperor, that meant Dark Emperor was undefeatable as well.

Levi didn’t think much of the challenge. The whole world could come after him, and he’d still end them with one punch.

Zoey heard him sneer, and she stared at him. “What? You don’t believe me?”

“I-I do believe you.” Levi had to nod. After all, he was Dark Emperor. Of course, he knew he was undefeatable.

Zoey looked at him proudly. “There’s nobody Master can’t beat. Just wait for the good news.”

Of course, I know that. I mean, I’ll win in the end.

Levi only cared about training and searching for the Lab of Gods, but the whole world was already abuzz with excitement.

Nobody had ever seen Dark Emperor fight, so this would be the first time for them.

Levi didn’t even take a look at the technique books his friends and disciples left him, but just because he didn’t care didn’t mean nobody cared.

The Lopez and Black families sneaked in on one fine day and picked the technique books while they were in there.

After all, they belonged to Divine Leaderboard fighters, which meant they were priceless. It wasn’t every day they could get their hands on treasure like these.

But now, they had a mountain to choose from.

“This is mine! I saw it first!”

“I want this one. You guys pick another one.”

The Lopez and Black families were whipped into a frenzy, snatching technique books and divine tools from each other. Their boundless greed showed in its full and hideous glory.

“Hey, is Levi stupid? Why’d he toss this aside and choose the basic technique instead?”

“I guess he’s mad. Everything here is top tier. That guy must be mad. Does he really think his technique is better than the ones lying around here?”

“What a joke. Everything here is so much better than his technique.”

Right then, Zoey came in and glared at everyone. “What are you doing? Put those down! These are for Levi! You can’t take them away!” she stopped the families from taking the items away.

“That idiot Levi won’t even practice any of these techniques, Zoey! It’s just a waste to have them lying around here. Why can’t we have it?”

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