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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2287

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2287

Your Technique Book Is Worthless

All the technique books were the most powerful skill of the Divine Leaderboard fighters. Every single one of them was worth billions. Some would even say they were priceless.

Countless people would kill to have their hands on one. Even if a single one were to show up on an auction, all the people there would pay billions to get one.

But now, a few dozen of those priceless technique books were sitting before Levi. If they included the supplementary books, modern tech, drugs, and divine tools, then Levi had more than a thousand items sitting before him.

Levi’s brothers and disciples didn’t hold back. They actually gave him everything they had.

“Take these too, boss. It’ll save your life when you need it most. Maybe you can power yourself up too.”

“Yeah. Sometimes we can’t reach you in time, and you’ll be in danger.”

They gave Levi some items that could keep him safe as well. All the fighters were doing everything they could for him, so they spared no expense. They’d do anything to keep him safe until he could get stronger.

“There’s a ton of technique books here, so there’s bound to be one that suits you. We know you’re talented enough, so if you work hard, you’ll make your way up to the Divine Leaderboard. We know you’ll surpass us soon.”

Everyone looked at him, excited.

Divine Leaderboard might be a trash leaderboard, and Levi had already technically topped it. But, he was touched by how much his brothers and disciples cared about him.

No matter what, they were standing firmly on his side, so he was glad they were here with him.

“But I really don’t need them,” Levi refused. He didn’t want to hurt them, but he really didn’t need anything they had.

Sure, it might be worth billions in the public eye, but for Levi, these items were no better than garbage.

And then Zoey spoke up, “Save it, you guys. He won’t even touch any of these, let alone train in them. He’s still practicing the same thing he did three years back, and he told me to do the same. He insisted it’s the best technique ever. According to him, not a single technique book can compare to his.”

Everyone was surprised to hear that. They knew what technique Zoey was talking about, since they benefited from it three years back as well.

Back then, Levi taught them everything he knew about that technique, and they gained a lot from it. Kirin, Azure Dragon, and the others even became fighters and managed to catch up to Levi because of that technique.

But that technique was old news in the new era. After all, it was just a basic technique. After everyone had forged their foundations, there was no point practicing that basic technique anymore. It wouldn’t show any visible progress quickly, after all. And some said it showed no progress at all.

They were in an era where everyone had the chance to be the most powerful fighter. If they practiced the basics, they’d be eliminated from the competition very soon. After all, no improvements meant regression.

Being slow in this era meant elimination.

“Boss, we need to tell you something. Your technique isn’t bad, but it’s outdated. It’s useless in this era.”

“Yeah, and there are tons of the same technique out there. They’re actually more logical than yours too to boot.”

Kirin and the others tried to dissuade Levi from practicing the basic technique.

Floyd stared at him as well. “Yeah, master. It’s old news now. You should look forward instead. Don’t keep holding on to the old. Any regular technique is better than what you have by miles. Just pick one and train in it.”

“Yeah, just pick one. We guarantee you’ll power up fast. No cap, master. If you don’t power up, we can give you some tips.”

Everyone really wanted him to practice the new era’s technique.

In the end, Zoey stepped up and accepted everyone’s gifts. “I’ll take them for him and try to convince him. It’s impossible to persuade him that quickly. He’s stubborn and proud, after all.”

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