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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2283

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2283

Show Your True Power

Levi stopped talking about it, but Zoey wouldn’t let it go. She argued, “Trust me. Master is a nice person. Why won’t you believe me. I would have died if Master didn’t save me.”

Levi was frustrated, so he asked, “Dark Emperor is a woman, isn’t she?”

It was shocking that Levi knew Dark Emperor’s true identity, so that shut Zoey up for a while. “How did you know that?”

Zoey was in disbelief the moment he said that, and she gawked at Levi.

She didn’t believe anything Levi said about Dark Emperor, but now she was shocked. The reason was simple—it was the truth.

Dark Emperor was a woman, and Zoey had seen her face before. Of course, nobody in Sacred Organization knew that.

It was supposed to be top secret, so she wondered how Levi found out about that.

“Do you believe me now?” He smiled.

“N-No. Wait. How’d you know she’s a woman? This is top secret information. Nobody should have known about that. Tell me how you found out about it.”

Zoey was still trying to convince Levi to spill his secret, but then a bunch of people showed up in the front yard. They came from different countries, and most were new faces, but Levi had seen some of them before.

They were his old rivals. Some came from Zarain, and some from Raysonia. They used to be scared of Levi’s power, and they never showed themselves whenever Levi was around.

However, they powered up over the last three years and had a big boost, so they decided to seek out Levi to humiliate him. They wanted to serve him what he did to them before.

And so, they arrived at Levi’s house. But then another group of people showed up, but this time, there was about a hundred of them.

“You shall die, Zoey!” A voice boomed from the heavens. Apparently, the second group came to seek vengeance.

The two groups of fighters looked at each other and roared with laughter. “Fancy seeing everyone in this little place. Let’s see… six Divine Leaderboard fighters, and twenty three Provisional Leaderboard fighters, eh? Right, you guys take Levi, while we’ll kill Zoey. Is everyone fine with that?”

Levi and Zoey were already prey to them, since they thought both of them were nothing but weaklings.

“Oh, but I got some latest data here. Divine Leaderboard got updated along with the Provisional Leaderboard. Levi’s rank eight thousand seven hundred and sixty-five on the Provisional Leaderboard.”

“Okay, that’s news. Not a bad ranking though. He’s above average now. Top eleven thousand in the world.”

“But I heard he got ranked because they boosted his power a lot. It’s based on his old power level, so he’s not that strong in reality.”

“I wonder if I can beat him. I’m about rank three thousand on the Provisional Leaderboard.”

“I’m rank nine hundred something on the Divine Leaderboard. I wanna have a go as well.”

Zoey panicked when she realized they were targeted by two groups of fighters. She instinctively got into her battle position, but it hadn’t been long since she lost her powers, and because she hadn’t healed up yet, that only made her injury worse.

When they saw that, all the fighters burst into laughter.

“Only you left, Levi. Let’s see how powerful you are now.”

Everyone was raring to go. They wanted to use Levi as their stepping stone, so they could have a shot at glory. But since there were too many of them, they couldn’t decide who’d have the first shot.

After all, everyone wanted to have a go.

“Come at me, all of you.” Levi beckoned them. Then, he turned around. “You wanted to know how I found out your master’s a woman, right? Because I saw her face, and I killed her.”

He told her the truth because he was about to show his true strength.

“Charge! Mess him up!” All the fighters were riled up by Levi’s insult, so they wanted to show him what true power meant. We’re gonna teach him a lesson he won’t forget.

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