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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2280

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2280

Levi Steals The Technique Book

Everyone looked at him curiously.

“Garrison Industry’s tech can watch most of the world, right?” Levi asked.

The tech department’s leader nodded. “Yes. Our tech can see seventy-three percent of the world, and we can see every detail in ninety percent of that area. What are you trying to do?”

Levi went up to control the cameras himself. “Leave it to me.”

His goal was simple—to see if anything out of ordinary was happening around the world. He wanted to see if the Lab of Gods was up to anything. They might be gone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t up to something.

If they’re up to something, they must have left some clues. There’s no way there’s no clue left behind.

“Um…” The top brass was in a dilemma.

“He can deal with it. Let’s go out.” Robed Slayer told everyone to leave Levi alone, and then he left the room as well. A moment later, Levi was alone in the control room.

Levi started controlling the cameras to look for clues. It took him one hour of meticulous searching, but he finally managed to find something that interested him.

Not to mention one of the clues was in Erudia, and the place belonged to Garrison Industry.

Well, I got what I wanted.

Everyone was waiting outside nervously, and some even told Edmund about what Levi was doing.

A moment later, they heard the sound of footsteps approaching, and they knew Edmund was coming. He even brought along a lot of fighters, and it was obvious they were here to seek trouble.

“Hello, Sir.” Everyone greeted him the moment he arrived, including Robed Slayer.

“Are you the one who let Levi in?” Edmund asked coldly.


Before Robed Slayer could say anything, Edmund sent him flying with a punch.

Robed Slayer fell with a thud and spewed blood, but Edmund ignored him and kicked the control room’s door open.

“Why did you come here, Levi?” Edmund barked.

Levi ignored him and went on with his search for clues as if Edmund wasn’t important enough for him to care about.

“Stop! I told you to stop right now!” Edmund darted ahead angrily and stopped Levi.

But Levi was almost done anyway, so Edmund’s arrival didn’t change anything.

Edmund roared, “Do you have any idea what you just did? This is Garrison Industry’s most important place! And all of you just let an outsider in? Do you know what that means?

“Do you know what he just did? He saw all of the company’s top secret! All these data, the base’s precise locations, and the company’s latest tech… He saw it all! All the top secret information! See for yourself!”

When everyone took a look at the data, they realized that Edmund was telling the truth. Levi was looking through the top secret data, and the realization shocked them.

Everyone’s heart sank.

Edmund’s lackeys went ahead and gave the top brass one tight slap.

“Levi, you b*stard. You came all this way to find out about the company’s top secret using your connections, huh?” Edmund sneered.

“Trying to power yourself up? Is that why you came here? So you can steal the company’s tech, technique book, and even our serums?”

“What a surprise. Didn’t think you’d be a thief, Levi. So you want my company’s best tech?” Edmund scoffed.

“And all of you are his accomplice! All of you are guilty!”

Edmund and his lackeys started accusing Levi as being a thief.

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