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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2278

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2278

Disaster Is Coming

Levi was speechless.

My stuff won’t be of use? Hey, it helped me kill the top fighter on the Divine Leaderboard.

My stuff killed ten thousand monsters of which ranked fighters can’t even make a scratch on.

Did she just say it’s useless? Well, I broke out of the Prison of Darkness. See if your technique can do the same. My stuff broke Skyward Sword and Terra Blade. Let’s see if your technique can do that.

But Levi wouldn’t argue with her, so he said, “Fine, it’s your choice. But I’d still recommend your husband’s technique if you want to heal up.”

“I understand, Master. But I’ll do it my own way. I still don’t think the old stuff would work. It’s already outdated, so there’s no point practicing the old stuff.”

In the end, Zoey gave up on using Levi’s technique. Instead, she wanted to use the modern way to heal up, even if it was a bit extreme.

Levi nodded. “Fine. I respect your choice.”

Nobody thought his technique was useful. Nobody but Cyrus. But still, Levi said nothing and respected their choices.

Fine, do what you want. It’s your choice. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After that, he left North Hampton and went straight to Oakland City. His destination was none other than The Cardinal Hall.

After he got there, he snuck into The Cardinal Hall and made a beeline for The Manifest Court.

The moment he showed up, everyone in The Manifest Court was shocked, since they never thought someone like Levi would show up before them.

“It’s you?”

Levi took on the image of the guy who broke Skyward Sword with his fingers, so everyone there was surprised that he made his appearance.

Levi also knew that The Manifest Court didn’t know about his true identity and his whereabouts.

I see. The Prison of Darkness can block anything including magic and fate. Not even The Manifest Court can find out where I am.

“I’m here to ask about the Lab of Gods. Do you know where they are right now?” Levi asked.

However, he didn’t get his answer straight away. In the end, someone answered, “No, but we know they’re still here. They’re not defeated. I made a prediction just now, and I can say that a disaster is coming. The writing’s been on the wall for a long time. A disaster will come this way…”

Levi left right after he got the answer, but he left through the front door. The Cardinal Hall was nothing to him, so he could come and go as he pleased.

It didn’t take long for everyone in The Cardinal Hall to find out he was there, but as expected, everyone was shocked to see him.

W-Why is this guy here?

All the divine generals and elites saluted him. If it were anyone else, they would have been arrested, since trespassing The Cardinal Hall was a crime punishable by death.

However, nobody had the guts to arrest Levi. After all, he was a powerful one.

Even Edmund hurried over after he got the news. He kneeled before Levi and even invited him to stay for a while.

“No, thank you,” Levi refused.

Edmund mustered his courage and asked, “Sir, may I know who you really are?”

Everyone looked at Levi as well, wanting to see who this mysterious guy was.

“Me? I’m Levi Garrison,” Levi sneered.

Edmund laughed heartily. “You jest, sir. You’re one of Erudia’s most powerful fighters. Not even Eragon knows who you are. You can’t be Levi, sir! But I have to say, that’s a good joke.”


Levi smiled and left The Cardinal Hall without another word.

Someone wanted to ask more questions, but Edmund interrupted, “He obviously doesn’t want anyone to know who he really is, or he wouldn’t have said he’s Levi.”

“Oh, you have a point. That’s true.”

“Don’t try to look into that fighter, or you might end up dead.”

The divine generals tried to dissuade Edmund, but that didn’t satiate his curiosity. After Levi’s departure, Edmund went to The Manifest Court himself.

“He came for you guys, so you should know who he is, right?” Edmund asked.

“No, but he’s really similar to a certain someone.”

“Who?” Edmund was getting more and more curious about it.

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