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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2277

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2277

The Disappearance Of The Lab Of Gods

Levi huddled closer to listen. “What? What happened to them?”

Peter whispered something to Levi, while everyone looked on curiously. They wondered what Peter was saying, but they didn’t ask.

Levi kept listening and didn’t ask anything. He looked calm and cold, and he nodded occasionally.

“I see.” Levi nodded. “You’ve been waiting for me so you can tell me about that, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I have. I mean, not like anyone else can help me.”

Levi looked at him. “I’ll handle the rest. You stay here and help Sammy, get it?”

Peter nodded.

“And now, as for you guys…” Levi didn’t plan on letting the top brass go, so he killed them all. Everyone who knew about his current strength was killed, save for Sammy’s family, Mace, and some fighters.

He went to Triple Group himself and restructured it so Sammy had total control over it. After he was done, he told Sammy, “You’ll be handling Triple Group from now on. And don’t tell anyone what happened today. Also, keep working with Maya Industries. Do what they tell you to do, get it?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll deal with Maya Industries.” Peter gave Levi a reassuring look.

It was a brief interaction, but Sammy could guess that Levi and Peter were also talking about Maya Industries earlier.

After he was done with Triple Group, Levi went back to Erudia. However, he didn’t show up right away. Instead, he observed Zoey from the shadows.

The technique books he left her were tossed aside, so obviously Zoey didn’t even use it. Perhaps she shared the same sentiments as everyone else, thinking that Levi’s concept was outdated. That was why she thought the things he gave her were useless.

She didn’t even want to try it out. Instead, he realized she had been recovering using extreme methods and serum.

Yes, it would heal her martial vein, but conversely, an extreme method like that would cause some complications that would hurt her down the line.

When Zoey heard the sound of footsteps approaching her, she stopped and looked up. But what she saw surprised her.


The one she was none other than Dark Emperor. Well, at least she thought it was. In reality, it was Levi in a mask. Dark Emperor’s mask was one of a kind, so as long as he wore it, nobody could recognize him. Not even Zoey who had seen Dark Emperor’s face before.

“Master, I thought you said you can’t come back to Erudia. Why are you here?” Zoey was shocked.

“I’m here to see you, then I’ll be off to The Cardinal Hall,” Levi answered.

“What about my husband then?” Zoey was worried about Levi. The reason she was recovering using such an extreme method was because she wanted to save Levi herself. If she waited for too long, he might be in danger.

“He’s fine. He’ll come back soon.”

Zoey nodded and was relieved since she knew Dark Emperor wouldn’t lie to her. He never told her a lie before, and that would not change.

“Oh, I’ve been observing you, and I have to say this. You’re going about it the wrong way. This is too extreme,” Levi said.

Zoey asked curiously, “So how am I supposed to heal, master? My powers are gone.”

Levi answered, “Easy. Use the technique your husband gave you. Keep practicing that and only that. Don’t practice any other technique, including the ones I gave you.”

“Huh? But my husband’s not really…”

Zoey didn’t believe Levi’s technique would work, so her first reaction was to say no.

Levi hasn’t improved a bit over the last three years. Can his technique even work?

“Master, I know you can help me. I don’t want to use his technique. I don’t think it’ll be of use.”

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