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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2276

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2276

He Is Too Strong

How is he still alive? That shouldn’t have been possible! He’s locked in there with a bunch of monsters!

“Warning! Warning! Danger!”

Warning alarms started blaring across the base, but Levi shut them down with a single punch. Obviously, all the alarms and facilities were destroyed with that attack.

“Don’t run,” Levi warned.

But someone a few hundred meters away wouldn’t listen. He kept running, thinking he could escape, but Levi clenched the air and pulverized the person who was escaping.

A few other staff members tried to run, but Levi pulverized them too. After that show of power, everyone stopped trying to escape and was as quiet as a graveyard.

A while later, Triple Group’s top brass and fighters finally processed their shock.

“Where is he?”

They went into the fortress to look for him, but what awaited them was a hell on earth. What they saw almost gave them nightmares for years to come.

It was a bloody sight, with broken limbs and bodies strewn everywhere. The bodies were already cold, but just from the remains, they could see how heated the battle was.

No, it was no battle. To be precise, it was a massacre.

Suddenly, Mace started spewing blood. He could not imagine the kind of power Levi had to be able to kill so many monsters in such a short time.

I can’t even kill a single one myself.

The monsters weren’t strong enough to stand toe to toe against a ranked fighter like Mace, but their defense was powerful, rendering them invincible.

It was impossible to kill a single one, let alone ten thousand of them.

Put it simply, if all the fighters on the Divine Leaderboard were to be locked in with ten thousand monsters, the monsters would ultimately be triumphant.

Sure, they couldn’t kill the fighters, but the monsters could exhaust them to death. After all, the monsters were invincible and had boundless stamina, just like a cockroach. But oversized.

However, Levi defied everyone’s expectations by killing all the monsters alone. To be exact, he did the impossible, and that feat alone was enough to change everyone’s expectations.

“That guy… That guy isn’t the same guy he was three years ago. He’s more powerful than the top fighter on the Divine Leaderboard!”

“Everyone has changed a lot over the last three years, but that guy is still miles ahead of us. We’re all trash compared to him.”

“I suspect that he’s the guy who broke Skyward Sword.”

The bloody sight finally made everyone realize how powerful Levi truly was. Sammy was shedding tears of joy, for Levi had survived and become more powerful than ever. That was the best news she could ever hope for.

Then, suddenly, Levi’s voice boomed, “Snapped out of it, have you? Then get your keisters here right away!”

Everyone knew they couldn’t run away from Levi, not when he was that powerful. And so, they went over to where Levi was.

But even though they couldn’t run, someone tried to send a message to tell everyone about Levi’s true power. However, before he could do anything, his communication device broke into pieces.

And then an invisible strength tore that person apart, splattering blood everywhere. Everyone was scared out of their wits, so they quickly went to Levi without another word.

After all, they didn’t want to get killed, and they knew Levi could do that if he so wanted to. Nobody tried to pull any tricks again.

The moment they came to Levi, everyone kneeled before him and banged their heads against the floor, sniveling like children.

“Please, have mercy!”

If Levi wanted to, he could destroy Triple Group without a doubt. The guy was more powerful than anyone could ever imagine.

Mace was buzzing with excitement. “I have never seen such power. If you’ll have me, I’ll follow you to the depths of hell. I want to witness what true power means.”

Sammy stared at Levi, delighted and overjoyed.

“Hm, if I recall, almost everyone here wants me dead. Either that or you guys would torture me.”

He killed another person as he spoke. And then, Peter started smacking his cage.



Levi went over to him and opened the cage. He saw Peter in there and knew the guy was with the missing Lab of Gods.

Peter said, “The Lab of Gods…”

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