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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2275

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2275


Yes. It was a mountain of corpses. Limbs protruded everywhere, and corpses piled upon one another. Blood splattered everywhere, and its stench wafted across the air, nauseating those who caught a whiff of it.

Wait, when the guy said the monsters were together at the west gate, is this what he meant?

But that wasn’t the most surprising thing. The most surprising thing was the man who was standing before them.

Yes, it was Levi!

Everyone could not believe what they were seeing. It should have been impossible for Levi to survive, but he did.

How did he do it?

They had a lot of questions, but all that was swept aside by what they saw before them.

What the hell?

Nobody could believe what they were seeing.


Everyone thought he was dead, but he defied expectations and survived instead.

Levi managed to get through twenty-four hours alone. Thirty, if they added the six hours prior to his record. He broke the record by miles since the longest anyone managed was nine hours.

But that was because the monsters were limited to seventy to eighty percent of their true power. In other words, the last record was a fluke.

But that also meant Levi made yet another miracle. The most important point was all the monsters were dead.

Levi killed all of them and put them on for show. For some reason, they suspected that the mountain was only a part of Levi’s kills. They thought most of the bodies must have been pulverized, so the mountain could have doubled, and that’d be Levi’s real body count.

It had been a while since the gates were opened. If everything went normal, the monsters would have scrambled to escape the fortress, but now they didn’t. The only reason and explanation for that was that Levi had killed all of them during his stay.

Holy motherfcking sht. Impossible. There’s no way in hell that’s possible.

Nobody could believe what they were seeing, but what they see was the truth. They thought Levi could hold on in the first place because he had the serum Sammy gave him, but now they knew it was impossible.

Serum? Serum, my foot!

Nobody in Triple Group could kill the monsters even with the serum. No, they couldn’t even hurt the monsters. Not even a Divine Leaderboard fighter like Mace could. They couldn’t even kill a single one, let alone ten thousand. It was then they knew Levi had true power.

Everyone was shaken to their core, mumbling under their breath like madmen. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It was like they saw another miracle, but it was a nightmare to them.

For the longest time, nobody spoke.

“What took you so long? I was this close to punching it open.” Levi stretched his arms and yawned. He had just woken up a moment ago and was about to punch the gates open so he could leave.

But just before he could do that, the gates swung open. “It’s a good place to sleep. It’s really quiet.” He smiled.

But nobody answered him. They were petrified as if Medusa had looked them in the eye. They were still in shock.

“Eh, now that I’m done here, it’s time to go outside.” He smiled at them and left the place.

Most of Triple Group’s staff were in the base nearby. When they saw someone coming their way, they reflexively asked, “So, how is it? Did you see Levi’s body? Where are the others? Why didn’t they come back with you?”

Someone piped up, “No way they saw the body. The monsters are stupidly strong. Levi must be pulverized by now since he’s alone. I don’t think there’s anything left of him.”

Levi smiled. “They didn’t see Levi’s body because he’s alive.”


Everyone thought that sounded normal at first go, but a few moments later, they seem shocked.

“They didn’t see his body because he’s alive?”

“Impossible! How can Levi still be alive? There’s no way that’s true!”

They looked at the one who answered them to get some confirmation, but when they saw Levi standing right in front of them, they gasped. “L-L-Levi! I-It’s you!”

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