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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2269

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2269

The Maya Industries Conspiracy

Mace was very experienced. He always managed to navigate his way around groups of monsters or encounter few monsters that everyone could handle.

But the others were not as lucky.

Despite having a fighter from the Divine Leaderboard, they always encountered monsters.

In the beginning, they might have encountered dozens; then, hundreds and even thousands at the end.

Even the fighters of the Divine Leaderboard had to steer clear of endangerment, not daring to challenge the monsters head-on.

Hence, they tried their best to avoid the larger groups of monsters.

However, the others were not so lucky. They encountered a group of monsters and got surrounded. If they couldn’t escape in time, their only fate would be death.

The number of mutants would only increase. There could even be thousands in the end.

There was no way to keep them under control!

Even the newbies witnessed the terror of the monsters.

All kinds of attacks connected to the monsters had no effects, let alone damage them. Thus, destroying them was out of the question.

Their bodies would expand and become indestructible. Nobody knew what sort of drug Maya Industries used to produce such superhuman effects.

At that moment, nearly every monster in town was on the move.

The learners fell one after another, and the time continued to tick. Finally, came the one-hour mark.

An hour finally passed, and the west gate opened.

The newcomers rushed to the west gate after hearing the news.

However, the large group of monsters followed behind and chased after them.

“These idi*ts! They’re luring too many of them here. Close it! Close the gates!”

The members of Triple Group who were standing outside the west gate closed the gate quickly.

In the end, only two people made it out while the rest remained inside.

The majority of them ran away, and monsters surrounded a few.

Levi was curious to see what the mutants were injected with, but Mace had too much experience. He managed to circle their way around the monsters every time, and he couldn’t observe them.

He could only follow them.

The time continued to tick.

The fighters were all training themselves.

But soon, more of them fell.

After two hours, seven people escaped.

As for the others who did not escape, they were either training or couldn’t run at all.

The Triple Group analyzed some data in their laboratory.

“The specimens in the container got incredibly powerful after they transformed! It was so difficult to fight them, even for the Divine Leaderboards!”

“Look at the data! All four of the Divine Leaderboard fighters were having a hard time! Apart from Mace, the others were rather incompetent!”

“This means they are facing a greater difficulty now! The seven hours now could be more grueling than the eight hours in the past!”

The specimens were getting stronger, and everyone had mixed feelings.

They agonized at the thought of not being able to control these mutants.

“What is Maya Industries trying to do? If this continues, they might even produce a mutant that even the Divine Leaderboard couldn’t defeat! How is it possible for anyone to defend against this?”

“Exactly! Right now, shouldn’t we think about how to keep the mutants under control?” They were all working on the same idea.

However, Maya Industries seemed to not care about this issue! They continued to strengthen the drug, and the mutants became even more vigorous and violent!

All they wanted was to create the most aggressive mind and the most powerful physique!

On the other hand, the experimenters began to theorize that the experiments of Maya Industries were not that simple.

“Do you think Maya Industries already knew how to control these mutants and didn’t tell us?”

“Well, that could be the case!”

At the same time, their superiors arrived, and everyone stopped discussing.

Three hours had passed in the blink of an eye, which was also the longest time that Triple Group superiors promised Sammy.

As long as she could pull through, they would let her go.

Inside the fortress, Sammy was feeling both thrilled and afraid.

At last, three hours had passed.

This time, the north gate was opened.

Sammy guzzled down the drug given by her parents and hurried her way to the north gate excitedly.

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