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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2268

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2268

Formidable Mutants


As they felt the breath hitting the back of their heads and the stench penetrating their nasal cavities, the thirteen people finally realized that there was something behind them.

Everyone’s body stiffened and broke out in a cold sweat. Their souls left their bodies out of fear.

They slowly turned around and laid eyes on some terrifying figures.


Everyone screamed in horror.

These people in front could be considered monsters. Their eyes were blood red, and their faces were almost monochromatic with no traces of bloodshot. The most distinct feature was that their bodies had doubled in size. Their arms and legs were as hefty as tree trunks.

They exuded a menacing aura.

After having been injected with drugs, these people appeared like mutants.

They were ultimately terrifying!

Otherwise, Triple Group would have been able to keep them under control.



A monster grabbed one of the hiding people and forcefully split him in two.

The other monsters charged at them, forcefully pulling the limbs of the remaining twelve, shredding them into pieces.

Not one of them survived.

Well, they were warned before.

Mace had been here many times.

He had abundant experience, and they served him well.

He knew that these monsters would find you no matter where you hid.

As long as the monsters could notice the slightest breath of life, they would hunt you down.

No hiding spot would be safe unless you’re lucky enough to be too far away for the smell to hit their noses.

At the same time, the large group led by Mace encountered the same situation.

However, the monsters they encountered were experiments that had just been injected with the drug for an hour.

These monsters were the specimens injected with the newly improved drug. Maya Industries wanted to continue the experiment to see if they could keep the monsters under control.

However, the results were disastrous for they were out of control.

After mutating under the effects of the drug, the specimens increased their body size, and their eyes turned scarlet red, becoming increasingly ruthless.

It turned out that the container bulged and broke apart was not because of the raging specimens but their increasing body size. The container could no longer contain them, so it broke.

This time, the specimens were not only uncontrollable but also more powerful than their previous iterations.

And the group led by Mace happened to encounter them.

In the end, they suffered severe casualties.

It wasn’t something that any ordinary fighter could handle.

Even after executing their most powerful moves and weapons, they barely left a scratch on these mutants.

On the other hand, if they got caught by one of the mutants, there would be no hope of surviving.

They would be torn to shreds on the spot, breaking every bone in their body.

Only a fighter from the Divine Leaderboard like Mace could have a chance at them.

Sammy fled with Mace and the others. They forced a way out, knocking the mutants away, and found a path toward survival.

Levi, who was dragged by Sammy, also escaped with them.

However, Levi was actually studying the mutants, but he was dragged away involuntarily.

The other fighters of the Divine Leaderboard also revealed themselves, unleashing their attacks from all directions.

After all, the number of mutants in the container was not just a few but there were about a hundred of them.

There was no way to stop them.

In this wave, a dozen of people were killed and torn apart. Fortunately, the others managed to make a break for it, much better than the group of people who hid.

But the biggest problem was that the situation here alarmed the entire town. Tens of thousands of mutants scattered around the small town rushed over.

The first thing they detected was the noise and the second thing they sensed was the smell of humans.

Everyone was separated from the first wave.

Hundreds of people divided themselves and formed ten teams.

The number of people following Mace was still relatively large—more than forty of them.

“Now is the most dangerous moment! Thousands of monsters are coming!”

Mace looked toward Sammy and advised, “Stay close!”

Then, Mace led everyone forward.

Mace was experienced in these, and he wouldn’t cower in the face of these monsters. Instead, he would charge forward and fight to improve his combat skills. However, now that he was with Sammy, he had to stay out of the way as much as possible and bring Sammy out after enduring for three hours. After that, he could let loose and begin his relentless slaughter.

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