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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2263

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2263


Initially, the experiments were started by Maya Industries.

Humans and other animals were injected with the experimental serum and the effects was observed.

After the Triple Group took over the project, many mutants began to emerge from their laboratory. They were the result of experiments that had gone horribly wrong.

The small town in Keerea where the Triple Group deposited the mutants was known as Tartarus.

In order to prevent the mutants from running amok into the cities, the Triple Group had built an enclosure made of specialized metal of a hundred feet tall to seal off the entire town.

From a distance, the structure appeared like a fortress.

It was built at great expense to the Triple Group as a means to contain the mutants.

If they were allowed to escape, the entire nation of Keerea would be plunged into chaos.

As a side effect of the experiments, the mutants were not killable and their martial abilities were greatly enhanced.

The drugs had altered their physiology to such an extent that they were more powerful than pure energy beings.

However, their most terrifying trait was their indestructibility.

Even the best fighters of the age could not even place a dent in them.

At first, the situation remained under control. After going against the advice of Maya Industries to conduct their experiments on increasingly larger scales, the Triple Group suddenly found themselves overwhelmed by their own creations.

In the end, the most practical solution for them was to dump all of the mutants behind the walls of Tartarus.

Since then, the Triple Group had turned its attention to the control of their experimental creations.

However, not much success was found in that endeavor, resulting in another large batch of test subjects perishing.

Given the urgency of the situation, these subjects were transported into the town.

With the increase in experiments being conducted, the town gradually became the hell that it was known for.

Sensing an opportunity in the midst of the calamity, the Triple Group began training fighters by placing them behind the walls of Tartarus to fend themselves for a couple of hours.

At the start of the experiment, the Triple Group had placed ten thousand fighters in Tartarus.

It did not take long before the death toll approached eight thousand, with the survivors suffering grievous injuries.

Out of that vast number, only several hundred of them had managed to pass their training.

With the fighters’ skills being pushed to their limits in an attempt to survive the horrors within Tartarus, they experienced massive growth.

The mutants were violent beings with no emotions. The majority of the fighters who had been sent in were ripped to shreds.

Not a single fighter had managed to survive for twelve hours in Tartarus as the longest made it to nine.

Even those who had made it through seven or eight hours within Tartarus found their ranks increasing within the newly implemented Divine Leaderboard.

If the fighters were left in Tartarus with nobody to open the doors from the outside, they would certainly die.

The reason that the experiments were being kept a secret was that the mutants were far too powerful.

Maya Industries and the Triple Group adopted all the methods at their disposal to keep it a secret.

The world cannot know about the mutants before we can gain control of them.

As the experimental subjects were scarce, the suggestion to volunteer Sammy was enthusiastically received.

It would have drawn suspicion if the search for experimental subjects were conducted on a large scale.

Since we are in need of test subjects, Sammy would do just fine.

At the order of one of the executives, Sammy was dragged out of her cell.

The laboratory was not far away from the town where the mutants were trapped.

Like the other test subjects, Sammy’s wrists and ankles were bound in chains as they awaited the serum to be administered.

Being held in captivity for so long, Sammy had resigned herself to the fact that her end was near.

Meanwhile, Levi arrived at Keerea and promptly made his way to the headquarters of the Triple Group.

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