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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2260

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2260

The Identity Of The Dark Emperor

Levi, Death Fiend, and the rest were stunned at the reveal.

This is unbelievable!

It’s a woman!

The Dark Emperor is a woman!

We have always thought that the Dark Emperor was a man!

This is absurd!

The final irrefutable proof before him corroborated by Zoey’s own account made Levi absolutely certain that the Dark Emperor was indeed a woman.

However, Levi had his suspicions on the matter beforehand.

Only a woman was able to achieve the state of becoming one with Terra Blade.

Furthermore, the Dark Emperor had sounded resentful when Daxon’s name was mentioned.

There must be a story behind it.

Before the others could react, the Dark Emperor’s body exploded open from the impact of Levi’s fist upon her body.

Death Fiend and the rest stared uncomprehendingly at him as all sorts of questions passed through their minds.

Levi, however, was in no mood to entertain their queries.

He did not care one bit about who the Dark Emperor was, or about her relationship with Daxon.

All he cared about was that he had finally avenged Zoey and himself by claiming the Dark Emperor’s life.

The Dark Emperor had finally fallen.

Then, Levi’s gaze turned toward Death Fiend and the rest.

Though they were frightened out of their wits, they returned Levi’s gaze with uncharacteristic serenity.

Death is awaiting us anyway.

If four thousands of them were unable to evade death, what hope have we?

“Do you know why I kept you alive?” Levi asked.

“N-no…” they shook their heads.

“Because you have value to me. I want to take over the Sacred Organization and become the new Dark Emperor!”

As he said that, he fingered the mask in his hand.

As the Dark Emperor’s face had never been exposed, her followers did not know what she looked like.

In fact, no one except Zoey knew that she was a woman.

Now that the Dark Emperor is vanquished, anybody can be the new Dark Emperor. Why not me?

No one would ever know as long as the new Dark Emperor was a stronger fighter than the last one. Levi had proven to be much more powerful than his predecessor.

Nobody would know that I am the Dark Emperor.

Levi’s goal was originally to exterminate the Sacred Organization.

It was only after his arrival that he found out that the Sacred Organization controlled a third of the entire world’s forces.

That is massive!

The work of the previous Dark Emperor over the past couple of years had been concentrated on weaving this vast network of influence that stretched all over the world.

A third of the world’s forces are at my disposal. I have a feeling it’s going to come in handy soon.

I will never have to lift a finger ever again.

One third of the entire world. This sounds crazy!

That was what prompted his decision to alter his plan to gain control of the Sacred Organization and become the new Dark Emperor.

Death Fiend and the rest caught on quickly.

“Choose your fate!” Levi announced. “It is either you follow me or die like the rest! You’ve seen how little effort it’ll take me to kill you!”

Death Fiend exchanged a glance with the rest.

Given another opportunity in life, it became an easy choice for them.

“We will follow you!” they cried in unison.

There are more opportunities for advancement behind a strong leader. He must be the strongest man on the planet right now.

He is now in control of a third of the world’s forces.

Our future is looking bright!

Death Fiend and the rest jumped at the opportunity.

They led Levi to the central control room within the training base which contained the deepest secrets of the Sacred Organization.

Due to the secrecy of their operations, a face scan of the Dark Emperor’s mask was required to unlock the central control room.

As nobody had been able to remove her mask against her will. Moreover, it would have been impossible to make a duplicate of the mask.

The ornate details of the mask alone made it impossible to replicate. Aside from that, the material of the mask was of an unknown origin.

Being in possession of the mask, Levi was granted access into the central control room. Subsequently, he gained complete control of the Sacred Organization by becoming its new master without much effort.

Levi gazed around the central control room and felt stunned.

Though the Sacred Organization was powerful and penetrated every layer of society, the implications of their influence had shocked him to his core.

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