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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2255

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2255

He Is The Hunter

Every single person at the scene jumped at his words.

The initially merry atmosphere instantly faded away into tense silence as every eye at the scene turned to glare at Levi.

Levi had a crooked smile on his face despite being sentenced to die frightened the onlookers.

Fear rose within them as if the man before their eyes was the devil himself.

Even the Dark Emperor could not repress an icy shudder down his spine.

That look on his face radiates pure malice intent!

Even the Dark Emperor did not know why Levi who was at their mercy suddenly looked so menacing.

Levi was smiling at the effect produced by his words.

They have voted death onto themselves, all four thousands of them.

That was the verdict he had been patiently waiting for.

They were casting votes upon their own fate.

If death is what they want, then so be it!

Just as the four thousand prey began to realize that they were trapped, the hunter revealed himself.

Initially, the Sacred Organization toyed with Levi as if he was a prey they had captured, even to the extent of determining his fate with a game.

In a cruelly ironic twist, the hunter was allowing the voters to determine their own fate.


As realization dawned upon them, they felt the hairs on the back of their neck standing as if an icy gale had just erupted from their feet and blew all the way to the top of their head.

Did we just call for our own deaths?

The crowd gazed disbelievingly at Levi.

Levi smiled. “You were the ones who have voted. Bear with the consequences then.”

He is smiling like the Grim Reaper with four thousand souls to harvest.

The crowd began quaking with fear.

At that moment, they felt the cold breath of death at the back of their throats.

The Dark Emperor was the first to react.

“What a bold statement to make in the face of your execution. Good job on bewitching the crowd! Have you been practicing some magical technique to do that?” The Dark Emperor gazed fiercely at Levi.

During their momentary lapse of reason from fright, the Dark Emperor was convinced that Levi was incapable of delivering his threat.

His abilities are a shadow of what it once was.

There is no way he could carry out his fearsome threat.

The only possibility for this occurrence is that Levi had employed magical techniques and sowed fear and panic amongst my men.

With his sorcery, he exaggerated his threat in their minds.

The Dark Emperor’s reminder seemed to have broken the spell as the members of the Sacred Organization shook their heads and dismissed the look of fear on their faces.

Levi must have enchanted us to fear him! Huh! To think that we were actually afraid of him!

In the midst of their irrational fear, they truly believed that Levi was capable of that kind of destructive power.

“Hah! Levi is pretty clever to make us shake with fear at his capabilities though he is at best mediocre in this day and age. You have all seen how he had managed to convince us with the delusion of his power just with a little spell!”

“He has many tricks up his sleeve. The longer he remains alive, the greater the threat he poses to us all!”

“That was why I’d voted for him to die! He must be killed!”

One of the Eighteen Dark Angels who wanted Levi killed began to push his agenda hard.

Being the strongest out of all of them, he was also one of the top ten fighters of the Divine Leaderboard.

The true extent of his martial prowess was so terrifying that even Kirin and Azure Dragon were in awe of him.

He is about to achieve the same level as Donald.

Even Death Fiend and his men began nodding fervently. “Indeed! We take back what we said about torturing him. He must be killed!”

“If we let him go this time, this rascal will leak all of our secrets to the world! He must be killed!”

The Dark Emperor stood up and nodded his approval. “Levi is a dangerous and devious threat to all of us. Even if you are much more powerful compared to him, there is no guarantee that you would be able to beat him.”

“Are you more powerful than me?” Levi smiled.

Without warning, a fist shot out.

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