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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2253

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2253

Vote To Spare Or Kill Levi

I used to think that Dark Emperor is from another country, but now I realize he’s actually an Erudian! On top of that, he has a long and complicated history with Daxon. I mean, everything Dark Emperor does is related to Daxon! Da*n, I didn’t even know that Sacred Organization is in control of a third of the world’s forces! This is way too scary! The threat these guys pose is a lot larger than Lab of Gods! There’s a lot more to Dark Emperor than meets the eye!

Dark Emperor then turned toward Levi and glared at him cautiously as if he had suddenly recalled something.

“What are you planning on doing? I don’t just reveal my identity to people like you!”

Everyone around them lowered their heads instantly.

It was obvious that they too wanted to know Dark Emperor’s true identity.

“It’s fine if you don’t feel like telling me! I wouldn’t want to find out anyway! There, I’ve given you an answer. What are you going to do to me now?”

One of the Eighteen Dark Angels shouted, “Let’s kill him! I’ve had enough of his crap!”

“Yes! I’ve been putting up with him since three years ago!”

Many of them hated Levi and have been dying to kill him for a very long time.

Levi silently made a mental note of those who wanted him dead.

Death Fiend shot him a glance and said, “I think we should just let him go! We’ve already gotten the answer we’re looking for, so there’s no need to kill him!”

Levi was so worthless to him that he couldn’t even be bothered to kill him.

“Yeah, he’s no longer the powerful fighter we used to know! I’m too lazy to kill him now!”

“Exactly! He has a ton of enemies in Erudia, so we might as well let him go! That ought to teach him a lesson on the cruelty of this era!”

“Besides, he’s been wounded by a weapon from Maya Industries, so he’s a goner anyway! Killing him now would be too merciful!”

Quite a number of them felt they should release Levi.

“But killing him on the spot would make us all feel a lot better!”

“That’s right! Levi may be weak, but he’s cunning and resourceful! Who knows, he might just end up becoming a threat to us!”

Just like that, they were split into two sides and were arguing whether they should spare or kill Levi.

It was as if they were some almighty god deciding the fate of a mere mortal, and Levi seemed like a slave surviving at their mercy.

Hehe… Since when did a bunch of fools like these get to decide if I live or die? They couldn’t do so three years ago, so there’s no way they could do it now!

Levi found himself so amused by their argument that he didn’t even try to interrupt them.

Eventually, their argument got so heated that even Levi found himself tempted to join in and take the side of those who wanted him dead.

As the argument grew fiercer, Dark Emperor’s voice could be heard from the side. “Enough! Stop arguing!”

Everyone then stopped bickering and turned to face Dark Emperor as they awaited his decision.

“All right. Your Highness will decide if Levi should live or die!”

Dark Emperor himself was conflicted about his desire to both kill and spare Levi at the same time.

“I can’t make that decision right now, so how about we lock him up for the time being and discuss this thoroughly?” he asked.


Everyone objected as they wanted the decision to be made right away.

“How about we put it to a vote? The majority of votes will decide Levi’s fate!” Death Fiend suggested.

“Sure, let’s all vote to make it fair!”

Everyone agreed to his suggestion.

Dark Emperor broke into a wide grin as he said, “A vote that decides if a person lives or dies? How exciting!”

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