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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2246

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2246

An Invincible Body

Levi’s disciples had made up their minds and were determined to save his life even if it cost them everything.

They then began discussing their next mission.

“We can all confirm that a solution has yet to exist for Boss’ condition, but we can at least slow down the corrosion process. That’ll buy us more time to find a solution for him!” Azure Dragon analyzed the situation rationally.

Everyone else agreed with his plan.

“Yeah, we’ll go with that! It isn’t difficult to slow down the corrosion process! We’ll do that first, and then look for a solution!”

Everyone hiding in the shadows scoffed.

“That’s impossible! Maya Industries is the only one that knows what those chemicals are! There’s no way they’d be able to come up with an antidote!”

Levi waved at them casually and said, “That won’t be necessary! Look, I’m fine! These wounds are nothing!”

“No, we’re talking about the chemicals in this dagger…”

“I know, but this kind of stuff can’t hurt me in the slightest!” Levi cut Floyd off before he could finish, and he wasn’t joking when he said that either.

His body had already achieved a new level above those on the Divine Leaderboard over the past three years, and he could deliver a punch at extreme speed and power with very little effort.

Naturally, it would take more than an ordinary body to deliver such a punch.

Levi’s body from three years ago wouldn’t have been able to withstand it and would’ve exploded in the process of charging up the energy.

However, he no longer had anything to fear as his body had become incredibly strong throughout his solitary training.

The chemicals from Maya Industries’ weapons were expelled immediately upon entry, so those stab wounds did no damage to Levi’s body.

As such, there wouldn’t be a corrosion process because the chemicals were unable to seep into his body at all.

Levi said he was fine because no chemical substance could corrode his insanely strong body, but no one seem to understand.

“There’s no need to act all tough in front of us, Master! It’s obvious that you’re severely wounded!” Floyd exclaimed.

The others followed suit. “Yeah! Everyone else is gone, so you don’t have to hide it anymore! We know you feel that you can’t show any weakness because you represent Erudia, but there are no outsiders here right now! We’re your comrades, disciples, and family! There’s no need to put up a tough act with us!”

“That’s right! I’ve already chased off the ones hiding in the shadows!”

Kirin and the others even made sure to get rid of those who were secretly watching them.

They thought Levi was pretending to be fine, but he wasn’t even trying to pretend at all.

Eventually, Cyrus couldn’t stand it anymore and spoke up, “All right, calm down, all of you! He is completely fine! He doesn’t need your medication nor your antidote, so run along and go about your own businesses!”

Everyone got mad upon hearing that.

“You have no idea how damaging this dagger is, let alone the changes that have taken place in this era! You should have…”

Someone got so agitated that he nearly lectured Cyrus and Levi, but stopped himself at the last second.

Levi sneered. “Let me guess… You guys think I won’t survive this era, huh?”

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