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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2243

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2243

This Guy Is Way Too Tough

The blade was buried completely inside Levi’s chest, and blood was spraying everywhere.

It was a gruesome sight to behold, and everyone felt chills down their spines upon seeing that.


The blade had turned from black to green when Levi pulled it out of his chest.

It was a clear sign that the chemicals had already been deposited in his body and were reacting with his blood.

This is it! Levi’s officially a goner now! Those special chemicals from Maya Industries are bound to kill him once it enters his body! He can only watch helplessly as his body slowly decomposes each day before finally dying slowly and painfully!

“Hahaha…” Sadistic smiles formed on most of the people’s faces when they saw that.

Kirin and the others couldn’t even bring themselves to watch as they knew the fate that awaited Levi.

So what if we become stronger? The leader that we keep claiming we’ll protect is now suffering such a horrible punishment, and there’s nothing we can do about it!

They thought to themselves with frustration and remorse written all over their faces.

“Keep going! Keep going!” the crowd chanted.


The color of the blood spewing out of Levi’s chest was a lot darker during the second stab.

It was a clear indicator that more of the chemicals had entered his body.

It hurts!

For the first time in the past three years, Zoey felt her heart ache and seemed to have snapped out of her vengeful state of mind.




Kirin and the others shouted in distress, but Levi refused to let them interfere.

It was then that they understood Levi’s intention to endure the punishment for his wife.

Cyrus in particular understood it better than everyone else.

He knew that Levi was choosing to do the honorable thing despite being perfectly capable of fighting his way out.



Levi was covered in wounds with blood all over his body on the sixth stab, and everyone at the scene could only imagine the pain they would feel if they did the same to themselves.

Oh, man… I’d probably die from the pain alone!

The fact that the dagger was manufactured by Maya Industries made it all the more terrifying, and very few could withstand the pain without removing their pain receptors.

However, Levi didn’t even flinch as he continued stabbing himself.

“What a man!”


“He may be mediocre, but no one else can endure pain better than he does!”

Levi had impressed quite a number of people with his bold action.

“Keep going!”

Having run out of places to stab himself in, Levi simply clenched his teeth and stabbed at his existing wounds.


Although Levi didn’t make a sound, everyone around him shuddered as if they were the ones in pain.

He’s stabbing himself in his wounds? My goodness… This guy is a monster! I can’t watch this anymore!

Donald and his men gasped at the thought of that as even they couldn’t pull off a feat like that.

Regardless, they were all enjoying his torment and felt incredibly excited as they watched him continue to stab himself repeatedly.

The seventieth stab!



At long last, Levi had stabbed himself a hundred times and was starting to lose his balance a little.

Someone ran up to hold Levi steady, but he brushed the person aside and steadied himself on his own.

With blood gushing out of his mouth, Levi glared at everyone around him with a mocking smile that said he could easily take a thousand more stabs.

“What the hell? This guy is way too tough!”

“He’s probably just putting up a tough act! I bet he’d collapse and start screaming in pain once we all leave!”

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