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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2240

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2240

A Different Solution

Dark Emperor had been monitoring everything and felt a little excited when he saw that.

He was conflicted between hoping for Levi to be capable of massacring hundreds of thousands. At the same time, he wanted him to be mediocre in terms of power.

It was finally time for the moment of truth.

If Levi truly escaped Prison of Darkness by himself, then he could easily take on millions without a problem.

Hundreds of thousands of eyes were on Levi at the same time.

“Looks like you’re prepared to die, Levi. In that case, you can die together with Zoey!”

“Yeah! Kill them both! That’s the only way to appease the people!”

“Kill them all!”

Donald spoke up all of a sudden, “I think it’d be pointless if we just kill Levi like this. It feels like we’re missing something!”

Tyrone was quick to chime in, “Yeah, you’re right! Even torturing him to death doesn’t feel enough!”

“Exactly! Killing Levi straight off doesn’t do much to satisfy us!”

Others began agreeing with their statements as well.

After all, killing Levi off after waiting three long years for his return simply wasn’t going to cut it.

They wanted to crush Levi brutally to undo the humiliation he put them through in the past and show him how weak he was in this era.

Everyone was dying to humiliate Levi as much as they could.

“Since Levi and Cyrus are so insolent as to look down on this era, I think we should keep him alive and slowly torment him! That ought to show him the cruelty of this era and just how weak he really is! This will give us all a chance to take it out on him!” Donald suggested, and everyone supported him wholeheartedly.

They all wanted to slowly torture Levi and humiliate him by having him eventually submit to them on his knees.

Fighters like Donald and Edmund wanted to crush Levi’s pride, while some were more twisted and wanted Levi to beg them for mercy.

As most of them wanted the same thing, it didn’t take long for them to all reach a consensus.

“What about Zoey, then? She has to die too! We can’t let a monster like her escape!”

Everyone shifted their gaze toward her upon hearing that, and their eyes were filled with a burning desire to kill her.

“Let’s do it, then!”

Donald motioned at them, and everyone charged forward at the same time.

Right as the battle was about to erupt, Levi shouted all of a sudden, “Wait!”

“What is it?”

“I’d like to make something clear! It’s true that my wife has been used by Dark Emperor, and he’s the one who made her do all this. I wish to take the blame for all of her wrongdoings, so please spare her and punish me instead!” Levi bargained.

With his current strength, Levi was perfectly capable of smacking hundreds of thousands into oblivion with ease.

However, he was also a man of honor and refused to let someone else get punished for the mistakes Zoey made.

Since it was a fact that Zoey had killed a lot of people, Levi decided to take responsibility for it and came up with a different solution.

“No way!”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Hold on!” someone shouted.

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