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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2239

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2239

I Choose My Wife

“Yes, kill her!”

“Zoey’s a demon, a killing machine that belittles humanity! She should die!”

Soon, more followed suit.

Excluding some of the elderly, Henry and the likes were all asking for Zoey’s death.

They were afraid.

Now that they became pure energy beings, they had superpowers, but it also felt like their bodies were extremely weak.

That was why they feared death more. They were too fragile.

Survival comes first at a time like this! To hell with Zoey!

“How could we do that to her? She’s our granddaughter!”

Naturally, Cora could not accept it.

“Mom, Dad, the whole families’ going to be in danger if you don’t allow it!” Henry and the others were trying their best to persuade them.

Donald smirked seeing what was going on in front of him.

“At the moment, Zoey hasn’t come out yet. Why don’t you guys make her come out!” Donald exclaimed.

Hearing that, Henry and Shaun immediately rushed to the front and shouted, “Zoey! Come out and accept your punishment! This is all because of what you did!”

“Do you want to drag all of us down with you, you selfish b*tch?”

After that, under everyone’s pressure, Zoey slowly walked outside.

As soon as her enemies saw her, their eyes sparked into burning rage.

“Kill her!”

Everyone had gone crazy.

The whole world’s hatred for Zoey had seeped into their very bones from all the instigation.

Now, each and every one of them wanted nothing more than to skin her alive.

It looked like they all lost their minds once Zoey appeared.

That was the wrath of the world, baring its fangs down on Zoey’s throat.

It was a clear indication of how successful Dark Emperor’s plan was.

At present, Dark Emperor and Sacred Organization were monitoring the development of the whole situation.

We need something big if we want to test Levi’s current strength. And there’s only one way to do that. By forcing him into the most dangerous situation possible. Him against the whole world.

As soon as Zoey came out, everyone understood how terrifying an angry world looked like.

Even Zoey was scared when faced with hundreds of thousands of people condemning her.

But seeing that Levi was there, her gaze instantly burned up with rage.

“You want to kill me? Come at me! Show me what you have!” she roared as she glared at the crowd.

“Everyone, do you see this? That’s the She-Devil! Look at that murderous intent!” Donald sneered.

“Kill her! Kill her!” the crowd screamed after getting stirred up.

Kirin and the others, who had a plan to follow, were sweating buckets at the moment. They clenched their fists as tightly as possible while their legs trembled.

They were determined to open up a path for Levi and the others to help them escape.

“Come here, Zoey!” Levi pulled Zoey in front of him.

Then, he turned towards the crowd and announced, “I’m here to declare something to everyone! First, I admit to all the murders my wife has done! But in actuality, she was manipulated and used by Dark Emperor from the Sacred Organization! He was the one that made arrangements for all her killings! My wife has become what she is now because of Dark Emperor!”


“Your wife has clearly killed all those people, Levi! How is it anyone else’s responsibility?”

“I don’t care about who’s behind it. Just tell me, did Zoey Lopez kill those people?”

Levi went silent at the question.

No matter who was behind it or what they were scheming, murder was murder. And Zoey had indeed killed those people.

“See! You can’t even believe what you said! First, you talk about how the Dark Emperor wiping out Lab of Gods was fake news! Now you’re telling us this was all Dark Emperor’s plan! What a joke!”

“Don’t go thinking you could calm the situation down just by just talking, Levi!”

Donald and the others laughed.

“Zoey’s death is inevitable, Levi! Step aside, and we might spare yours! Make your choice!”

Upon hearing that, Zoey looked towards Levi, and he smiled.

“I choose to stand by my wife, of course!”

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