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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2230

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2230

This was a father’s love for a daughter.

Levi would support her no matter what she chose.

“Dad, can you not force me into this? I need to think about it,” Forlevia said.

“No problem. I’ll back you up no matter what you choose!”

Levi patted Forlevia’s head.

In the shadows, the elders were all delighted after hearing that.

“Evie’s such a good kid. Even though she made up her mind, she told her father she would think about it so it doesn’t hurt her father’s pride.”

“Yes. This kid is trying to be fair! She doesn’t want Levi to feel sad! She’s definitely a great kid, but she had to have a father like Levi of all things!”

The elders sighed.

To them, Forlevia would definitely prioritize their techniques.

After all, what they taught was timeless.

It would be the strongest regardless of the changing eras.

After that, more of Levi’s friends showed up.

Three years had passed, and they no longer looked like how they once were. They had all become powerful fighters.

But that was not all. Other than them, more people started appearing.

They were all there to find fault with Levi and Zoey.

The whole world was asking for Zoey’s execution, and things were only getting worse.

All the crimes she committed throughout those three years were getting exposed, one after another.

There were video footage, photos, and written details, all vividly depicting the entire collection of every murder she had committed.

There were even people who listed out all her victims.

And the number was horrifying.

The situation was getting out of hand.

Zoey had infuriated the whole world and became a public enemy.

At that moment, everyone wanted to get their hands on her. They badly wanted to enjoy the pleasure of skinning her alive and drinking her blood.

The wrath of the world was not something easy to suppress nor calm.

Countless people were asking for Zoey’s death as the situation grew direr by the minute.

Their rage could not be subdued unless Zoey died.

Seeing how things had developed, Levi knitted his brow as his expression darkened.

He knew that Dark Emperor was the one fanning the fire behind the scenes.

It was all part of Dark Emperor’s plan on every man Zoey killed and all the things she did.

That said, murder was still murder.

Zoey undeniably had blood on her hands, and something had to be done.

“You see? This is what your master’s been plotting. Your execution!” Levi pointed out to Zoey.

“That’s impossible!” Zoey shook her head. “Besides, I did all that for you! I killed all those people because I wanted to avenge you! How can you mock me like that? Don’t slander my master!”

Levi sighed after hearing that.

In one night, hundreds of thousands of fighters gathered in North Hampton. And the number was still growing.

It was estimated that the number would most likely double by the end.

Everyone had come together and formed the Demon Slayer Alliance to hunt down the demon named Zoey Lopez.

Meanwhile, Levi stayed with Kirin and the lot.

“Boss, it will be difficult for us to protect you and Zoey! But I think we’ll be able to open up a path for you two to escape. After that, you can leave Erudia and find somewhere safe to hide!”

“That’s right, Boss. We’ll put our lives on the line to ensure that you escape unscathed! Please trust us!”

Everyone was taking a stance while Cyrus merely looked at them disdainfully.

Do you people actually think he needs your protection?

“Oh right!” Levi exclaimed all of a sudden. “Garrison Industry has been doing really well! But I heard the owner has changed. It’s now owned by The Cardinal Hall General. Is that true?”

“About that…” Everyone’s expression changed when they heard that question.

“I think it’s better if I explained,” Robed Slayer said. “The Cardinal Hall General becoming the new owner was actually the best solution then. The results he produced after taking over are proof. Garrison Industry has become an elite force, and we all became elite fighters!”

Every nodded in agreement.

They all had faith in Edmund.

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