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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2225

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2225

What? That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard in my life! I can’t believe they are asking Levi to work hard!

Even Mia and Wynona were casting earnest looks in Levi’s direction.

Though Levi was no longer the strongest fighter in this era, they believed he could get an opportunity to become a top fighter once again.

Though the chances were slim, there was still hope.

Levi would definitely grab the chance to improve himself whenever possible.

After all, he was skilled enough.

Everyone gazed at him, expectant smiles playing on their lips.

Levi didn’t know how to react, for they thought his ability was stuck in time since three years ago.

You’ve progressed, so have I. Do you think I did nothing for the past three years? If I did nothing, how would I escape from the Prison of Darkness?

An infuriated Cyrus declared, “You have no idea how powerful he is! How dare you mock him for being weak? You’ve just achieved success, but he has been on the top for a long time! Now, he’s way beyond that!”

Cyrus did his best to describe the difference between the masses and Levi.

They had just achieved success, but Levi was already a divine being!

Everyone turned to look at Cyrus as though he was a fool.

“Three years ago, he might be the strongest fighter in the world and could tackle Lab of Gods alone. But you can’t worship him blindly! The times are different now, and his strength is at most in the middle of the hierarchy. You’ve been locked up for too long. It’s crucial to understand the new generation now!”

“Yes, do you still think you’re a top fighter? Come, let’s have a fight!” everyone else refuted angrily.

Cyrus’s solitary training didn’t go well when he was locked up and ended up improving little. He was basically the same man he was three years ago.

Obviously, he was no match for Azure Dragon, Kirin, and the rest.

“Hey!” He faltered, at a loss for words.

He only had himself to blame for not progressing at all for the past three years.

Otherwise, these young people wouldn’t be able to bully him.

Levi shook his own head in vexation.

They had indeed forgotten about the technique book. I can’t blame them, though. If something else works better and faster, I’d choose that as well.

Besides, he knew his comrades wouldn’t admit defeat.

They wanted to become stronger, just like him, or even exceed his strength so they could protect Erudia.

Hence, it was normal for them to pick techniques or training skills that worked faster.

Their extraordinary level of tolerance and diligence allowed them to improve swiftly and ended up ranking in the Divine Leaderboard.

Levi didn’t blame them.

After all, everyone had the right to choose what they wanted.

He wasn’t going to pick on his comrades.

For now, he could only place his hope on his disciples and the Team Of Secret Warriors.

They didn’t forget the techniques, right? After all, they only got to improve with the help of the technique book.

Back then, Levi heard that this was the oldest technique book ever. He had initially thought that Reversero was the most ancient skill there was, but then realized he was wrong.

Reversero was just a type of skill, and the technique book was the forgotten basic technique skills.

Everyone had been learning the basics all the while and naturally thought the book wasn’t important when, in fact, those basic techniques were the most ancient and formidable techniques of all.

Soon, Floyd and the others came to him.

Levi’s eyes lit up hopefully.

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