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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2223

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2223

He first released the news that I’m still alive and exposed my position, then incite the people to hate Zoey and take her life. Everyone will target and view me as an enemy!

It was a situation of all against one, so he would have no choice but to take action to protect Zoey.

In the face of Erudia and the whole world’s oppression, Levi would definitely unleash his full power.

The Dark Emperor would definitely find out how strong Levi was and whether he had escaped from the Prison of Darkness himself.

That was the Dark Emperor’s plan and test on Levi.

Once again, North Hampton became the center of attention.

Group after group of fighters arrived in North Hampton and sealed the place off, allowing no one to leave.

They wanted Zoey to remain here for the rest of her life.

Some of them also wanted Levi dead…

Even if they couldn’t kill him, they wanted him to know his place in this new era.

There were also some people who came to see Levi in real life.

In fact, people from all over the world had flown over to North Hampton beside the Erudians.

It caused a tremendous commotion akin to the time when Skyward Sword resurfaced.

Azure Dragon, Kirin, and the rest showed up ahead of time.

They were all very excited to see Levi.

“You’re still alive, boss! That’s great!” they exclaimed heartily.

Each of them gave Levi a warm hug.

They had always looked up to Levi, so no matter what his capability was, he’d forever be their boss.

No one could replace Levi’s position in their hearts.

“Maestro!” Robed Slayer greeted Levi sincerely.

“Levi!” Wynona and Mia had showed up as well.

They were now higher-ups of Garrison Industry and decided to make the trip here together.

They were all able to hold their own forts, and became fighters on Divine Leaderboard or getting there.

Apparently, there were so many fighters that the one hundred spots on the Divine Leaderboard weren’t enough anymore.

Now, there would be one thousand spots on the new Divine Leaderboard.

The last fighter on the Divine Leaderboard with one thousand spots was stronger than the previous fighter ranked last on the Divine Leaderboard with one hundred spots.

That showed how much things had changed in three years.

Levi scanned the crowd gathered before him and nodded in approval.

“Good. I’m glad you’ve all improved and become fighters!”

Levi could tell that Azure Dragon, Kirin, and the rest had improved greatly.

There was one problem, though—the energy and elements in their bodies were too complicated.

Clearly, they had trained in all sorts of ways, trying to increase their ability and ended up discarding the basic techniques he taught them back then.

Alas, they had no idea the basic techniques were extremely formidable.

Levi trained only the basic techniques when he was in solitary training to pursue maximum speed and strength.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that Levi could defeat anyone in this era with just one punch.

Back then, Levi shared his precious knowledge with his comrades, but they disregarded everything.

Everyone was delighted to see Levi’s satisfied expression.

It was honestly great to be recognized especially someone they had always looked up to.

For the past three years, everyone had been focusing on improving themselves to impress Levi upon his return.

They wanted to show off and fish for compliments.

However, Levi soon frowned, making them confused.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” Kirin asked.

Levi sighed. “Did you forget what I taught you back then?”

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