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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2221

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2221

The Past Of The Dark Emperor

“Remember how Levi faked his death back in the battle on Goldenport Island?” the Dark Emperor asked.

“Yes!” Everyone else inclined their heads.

Death Fiend added, “The world thought Levi was dead, but you told us he’s still alive.”

“Yes. That was because I sensed him using a type of Forbidden Technique. Though it was barely discernable, I was able to sense it. Levi ended up going all out with the Forbidden Technique,” the Dark Emperor explained.

Everyone got curious. “What’s so special about this Forbidden Technique?”

“It came from someone who’s the reason why I can’t enter Erudia until today!” the Dark Emperor declared, his face turning grim.

Death Fiend asked, “Is that the person you want to kill after combining the Skyward Sword with the Terra Blade?”

The Dark Emperor nodded. “Yes. I created the Sacred Organization and plotted so hard just to defeat this person!”

“So Levi’s that person’s disciple? You tried so hard to get Levi to be your disciple just because of that person?”

“That’s right. I want to make his disciple mine, but to no avail.”

The angels were stunned. “Does that mean Levi’s mentor was the one who destroyed the Prison of Darkness?”

“Sounds plausible. But I know him well enough, and he’s not capable enough of doing that. Still, it has been years since we last met. Perhaps he got lucky and became stronger. Otherwise, Levi wouldn’t get to escape from the Prison of Darkness. I can’t help but suspect that he was the one who crushed both the Skyward Sword and the Prison of Darkness!” the Dark Emperor revealed, despair washing over him.

After all, if his rival was that capable, then all his efforts would be in vain.

Now, even combining both the Skyward Sword and the Terra Blade wouldn’t work.

I won’t get to return to Erudia if that person was behind everything.

Still, he was more inclined to believe that it was Levi’s mentor who destroyed the Prison of Darkness than Levi himself.

There was no way he’d admit that Levi destroyed the Prison of Darkness single-handedly!

One man plucked up his courage to say, “But we can’t rule out the possibility that Levi was behind this.”

No matter what, they had seen it with their own eyes.

There was a possibility that Levi had broken out of the Prison of Darkness himself.

Dark Emperor knew that well.

“We can sound him out,” he answered.

“Are you heading to Erudia?”

The Dark Emperor shook his head. “I can’t go there in the past, let alone now. It’s easy to sound him out. We can do that with someone else’s help. Listen…”

He proceeded to explain the plan he had in mind.

After hearing his plan, the others grinned.

“That works!”

Back in North Hampton, Zoey and Forlevia were still wondering why the Eighteen Dark Angels escaped the minute Levi showed himself.

“I told you about this, didn’t I? The Dark Emperor captured me, and they thought I’d be trapped forever. Now that I’ve escaped, they were astounded to see me here and ran away,” Levi pointed out.

Alas, Zoey refused to buy his explanation.

“They were flabbergasted to see you still alive, for everyone thought you were dead. Of course, they reacted that way,” she said.

When they were in the middle of a heated conversation, Death Fiend and the others showed up again.

“Why are you here?” Levi demanded.

“Look, they only left because they realized you’re alive!” Zoey glared at him.

“I’m here to relay the Dark Emperor’s order—you can stay with your family without having to return to the Sacred Organization!”

Surprise inundated everyone at his words.

Despite her shock, Zoey nodded.

Levi, though, felt that something didn’t seem right.

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