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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2219

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2219

Did He Break Out Of The Prison Of Darkness

This was the wildest thing he had ever heard.

It is simply impossible! Where did they see Levi? I sent them to Erudia, didn’t I? How could they have seen Levi there? That’s impossible. They must’ve been mistaken.

Was it someone else they saw?

The Dark Emperor refused to believe their words, for he assumed that no one could break free from the Prison of Darkness.

Only someone as strong as him could break free with the help of a divine tool like the Terra Blade.

Levi was neither as strong as him nor did he have the Terra Blade, so there was no way he could break free from the Prison of Darkness.

In a trembling voice, he asked, “Where did you see him?”

“In Erudia, of course,” came Death Fiend’s reply. “We went there for Zoey but bumped into him.”

“Yes, we saw him with our own eyes. He has escaped!”

“He showed up with Cyrus. We’re sure of it!” the Eighteen Dark Angels reported hastily.

Though they all spoke at once, the Dark Emperor was sure of one thing—Levi had escaped from the Prison of Darkness!

He coughed out a mouthful of blood, overwhelmed by the sudden news.

The Dark Emperor couldn’t stop himself from saying, “No, that isn’t true. There’s no way Levi could escape! No!”

He shook his head violently, refusing to accept the reality.

“If you don’t trust us, you can check it out yourself. Levi and Cyrus are indeed back in Erudia!”

They knew he wouldn’t believe them and the only way for him to believe what they said was to see Levi at Erudia for himself.

When Erudia was mentioned, a flash of hesitancy appeared in the Dark Emperor’s gaze.

Before the Skyward Sword and the Terra Blade were combined, he refused to enter Erudia.

“Oh, we can just find out whether the Prison of Darkness is still there!” Suddenly, the Dark Emperor recalled the old headquarters of the Sacred Organization.

They would know once they got there.

“Let’s go!”

He immediately led the others to the old headquarters of the Sacred Organization.

When the blue sea and sky appeared in their sight, they froze in disbelief.

“D-Did we come to the wrong place? This isn’t it!”

The tourist heaven, complete with the sparkling blue sea and clear skies, had nothing to do with the previous headquarters of Sacred Organization.

As everyone was wondering if they had come to the wrong location, the Dark Emperor announced, “No. We’re at the right place.”

“Yes, you’re right. I found the remains of the palace!” Death Fiend exclaimed.

They soon arrived at the remains.

It was an alarming sight.

It looked like the remains would corrode away at the slightest touch as though it had been here for thousands of years.

With the slightest hint of wind, the rubble would turn into fine dust!

“What’s going on?” They gasped in horror.

The mountains were raved to the ground.

They were completely gone!

The massive mountain range had just disappeared from the map!

The tremendous change rendered them speechless.

“Where is the Prison of Darkness?”

The Dark Emperor searched around for the Prison of Darkness that was nowhere to be seen.

It took him a while to discover where the Prison of Darkness used to be.

Alas, not even a speck of dust was left.

They finally could be sure that Levi and Cyrus had broken free from the Prison of Darkness! Death Fiend and the rest weren’t lying at all when they claimed to have seen Levi and Cyrus back in Erudia.

Nevertheless, they were still confused as to how Levi break free from the Prison of Darkness.

Did he do that on his own?

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