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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2212

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2212

Dominate The Divine Leaderboard

In truth, both the Prison of Darkness and Skyward Sword were strong.

However, Levi was extremely powerful. He could not be restricted by both the Prison of Darkness and Skyward Sword.

Utterly startled by the scene that unfolded before them, the elders, who had hidden in a secret location, could not believe their eyes.

Initially, they assumed that they were on par with Levi’s strength.

However, his abilities surpassed their expectations.

The Skyward Sword never yielded or broke by any of the opponents.

In fact, the Skyward Sword was more than just a mere weapon. It was a piece that complimented them.

They could exert the true potential of their powers when the Skyward Sword was in their grasps.

In short, the Skyward Sword was their equal.

Yet, the man standing before them was clearly much stronger than the Skyward Sword seeing how his immense strength broke the sword.

His true might was beyond their league.

A long silence ensued as everyone was too stunned to speak.

Even the fighters hidden amongst the shadows could not muster a proper response.

What kind of being is he? He broke the Skyward Sword with only two of his fingers!

All of a sudden, the Divine Leaderboard seemed lame.

With a single act, the man before them had dominated the Divine Leaderboard and solidified his position at its peak.

Given his supreme strength, he could single-handedly decimate everyone else on the Divine Leaderboard too.

In order words, it would be an insult to rank him as the Divine Leaderboard’s top fighter because the heights of his strength greatly surpassed the list itself.

According to the Divine Leaderboard, fighters ranked on the list were ones who wielded powers as strong as God.

Yet, the individual before their stunned gazes appeared to have already reached the level of God.

He was a being in a league of his own.

Initially, they assumed that Levi was here to steal the Skyward Sword.

Looking back, they couldn’t help but chastise their own foolishness.

The Skyward Sword is a weapon unworthy of him!

After Levi shattered the Skyward Sword, a smile broke out on his face. “Since it’s now destroyed, it looks like you lot can’t fight anymore,” he said.

Although the Skyward Sword had been destroyed, no one lamented its loss

Faced against a person akin to God, the destruction of the Skyward Sword was the least of their worries.

Even the elders of The Cardinal Hall were at a loss for words.

However, a similar thought ran through everyone’s mind.

This man is way too strong!

It was like coming face to face with God.

When they squared off against Levi, Donald and Edmund felt inferior. The menacing and domineering aura that radiated from Levi’s broad figure caused them to tremble in fear.

“I’m taking them with me. Are there any objections?” Levi asked before he left with Forlevia and Zoey.

The only thing that responded to his question was an eerie silence.

After all, who would be foolish enough to object or speak up? Even the slightest retaliation against Levi only meant death.

Hence, no one dared to step up and block him.

Despite having the advantage of numbers on their side, they were no match for him.

“Since there are no objections, I’ll be taking my leave.” With that, Levi brought Forlevia and Zoey along and left the scene.

Immediately, the crowd parted like the Red Sea to make way for the trio.

Even after they left, the crowd remained so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Everyone had a dazed and empty look painted across their faces. It was as if their souls had escaped from their bodies.

Even Donald was solemn. His hollow gaze made it hard to decipher his thoughts.

Edmund remained rooted to the spot, the scene where Levi first snatched the Skyward Sword from his clutches still replayed in his mind.

On the other hand, Azure Dragon and Kirin’s breathing became increasingly erratic. A crazed look gleamed in their eyes.

They once thought that they’d reached the pinnacle of their strength. After all, their names were listed on the Divine Leaderboard, signifying their god-like strength and power. Even amongst other elites, Azure Dragon and Kirin were the creams of the crop.

Yet, reality dawned upon them.

In truth, they were as insignificant as ants.

Even more so, they were stunned that this person was none other than Levi, their boss.

Even the elders could not muster a proper response to the shocking events.

“Wait, where’s Evie? Where did she run off to?” When Celia snapped out of her daze, she realized that Forlevia was missing.

Her surprised cry alerted the other elders.

Without any delay, they rushed off to look for Forlevia.

Fortunately, Levi had not traveled far. He was still nearby.

Levi shot a glance at their hiding spot.

The elders jolted in shock when they realized that Levi had spotted them.

When Levi noticed that the elders were hiding there, he did not lash out.

“Thank you for helping us. If I may ask, who are you?” Forlevia asked respectfully.

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