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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2211

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2211

Shatter The Skyward Sword With Two Fingers

“Ah! It seems he is not here to rescue them. Apparently, he is here for the Skyward Sword!” A fighter yelled out confidently.

All the others nodded.

Even Forlevia and Zoey had the same stance as the others earlier. They thought Levi was there to rescue them. Now that it seemed his main motive was to seize the Skyward Sword.

Both Edmund and Donald were startled.

So he is here to seize the Skyward Sword?

Seeing how the Skyward Sword had unleashed its mighty power, everyone was convinced that Levi was there to snatch it.

Not to mention, he was even more undefeatable with the Skyward Sword in hand.


The vibration of the Skyward Sword was getting stronger. The intimidating aura intensified, shrouding every corner gradually.

In everyone’s eyes, the Skyward Sword could sense the formidable fighter’s ability and become exhilarated with that. It was the way the divine tool resonated with him.

The Skyward Sword was similar to a humanoid with emotions. It was natural for it to be over the moon when it was in the grasp of someone who could handle it.

Even so, nobody knew that the Skyward Sword was actually in fear instead of feeling joyous. It sensed the hint of dominance looming over it.

“See how the Skyward Sword has turned this place into a living hell! That is what you define as a divine tool, huh? It should be viewed as a devilish tool now! What is the point of keeping it then?” Levi fumed.

Holding the Skyward Sword with his left hand, he stretched out two fingers on his right hand and knocked on the sword.


The ear-splitting sound sent everyone’s minds into a complete blank. It was as though they were deafened, and their minds turned mushy.


In mid-air, a mushroom cloud was formed. It was the type of cloud produced merely by the particular superweapon.

The next moment, a series of massive explosions turned everything into debris. The gruesome scene sent a chill down everyone’s spine.

Little did they know that the most terrifying moment was yet to come. Soon, the Skyward Sword started to crack right after Levi knocked it with his two fingers.


It ended up shattered into tiny pieces.

The Skyward Sword was destroyed just because Levi knocked on it with his two fingers!

Everyone went mad in an instant!

They were overwhelmed by the most horrendous moment in their life.

How is it possible for anyone to shatter the most ultimate Skyward Sword with just two fingers? What a terrifying sight! His power is beyond estimation! Does it make sense for anyone to possess such mighty power?

When everyone was racking their brains how they could snatch the Skyward Sword and enable it to exert greater power, it never crossed their minds that someone would actually destroy it.

What kind of power is that? I bet he is the only one who manages to do that so far.

Everyone including Zoey, Forlevia, Donald and Edmund was rendered speechless again as they freaked out.

They almost went berserk…

The elders observing the whole situation from afar were on pins and needles. At the sight of Levi’s devastating power, fear welled up from within them.

My goodness! Is he even human?

He is mighty as God!

Regardless of the emergence of Ancient Clans and the significant development of science and technology, they had never come across such peerless power.

Assessments from the various organizations implied that the Skyward Sword was the mightiest divine tool that was undefeatable by all means.

In fact, it was proven to be an ultimate sword as it destroyed the Imperial Armor known as the most defensive divine tool.

Nonetheless, it was shattered within seconds by Levi using two fingers!

If they had not witnessed how the Skyward Sword was pulled out from the ground with their own eyes, they would definitely feel that it was just a show.

It was unbelievable that such an ultimate sword was shattered by someone with just two fingers. Even those who witnessed it on the spot could hardly believe what they had seen.

Are we seeing things? Is it a dream?

Everyone felt that they were floating in a virtual world that did not exist.

It seemed they were in dreamland!

“What the hell is that? Da*n it!” Even Cyrus, who knew well about Levi’s ultimate power, felt that everything was driving him insane.

The Skyward Sword is seemingly more vulnerable than the Prison of Darkness, huh?

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