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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2203

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2203

Zoey Is Difficult To Kill

“Zoey’s husband, Levi, has offended the ancient Garrison clan. Given that Levi has disappeared, Zoey will have to be punished in his stead. In the name of the ancient Garrison clan, I sentence you to death! Die!” Donald bellowed.

At that crucial moment, he was no longer desperate for the sword.

Even though Edmund was controlling the entire area, and everyone else had their powers reduced, none of them were willing to give up fighting for the sword.

Edmund might be invincible here, but he wouldn’t be staying here forever, would he? The moment he leaves, the Skyward Sword would be up for grabs again.

“I support the idea!”

One by one, the ten most powerful factions in Erudia stated their stand.

It didn’t matter what their relationship was with Zoey, all of them concurred.



Everyone decided then to kill Zoey first.

After all, they had two objectives from the beginning—the Skyward Sword and Zoey.

“Kill Zoey!” tens of thousands of men chanted vehemently.

“Fine. In that case, let’s offer her blood as a sacrifice to the Skyward Sword!” Edmund roared.

As if the sword shared his sentiments, it let out a buzzing tremble.

Soon, a fiery aura filled the entire scene, causing everyone’s heart to skip a beat.

Is this the power of the Skyward Sword?

Everyone suddenly coveted it further.

Having felt the Skyward Sword’s aura, Donald’s eyes sparkled in response.

“Zoey Lopez! Today is the day you die for your sins!”

Raising the Skyward Sword, Edmund charged at Zoey.

At that moment, Zoey wasn’t seriously injured. Hence, she was still strong enough to put up a good fight.

After all, she was ranked eighth on the Divine Leaderboard.

In the face of Edmund’s attack, Zoey responded with equal ferocity.

She unleashed everything the Dark Emperor had taught her.

The immense power she displayed caused everyone to gape. Even Donald narrowed his eyes and changed his evaluation of Zoey.

Evidently, Zoey was a lot more terrifying than everyone had expected.

At that moment, many of those present wanted the glory of defeating someone ranked eighth on the Divine Leaderboard.

However, when Zoey demonstrated her true power, they began to have second thoughts.

In the end, they had underestimated her.

When she truly let loose, she was simply invincible.

In fact, she was even stronger than the time when she wielded the Skyward Sword.

When she was holding the sword, her powers were suppressed by it.

It prevented her from unleashing her full strength, unlike now.

“It’s not going to be easy to kill her.”

Donald finally understood why Zoey was called the She-Devil and how she had survived for so long.

She was so powerful that few could actually kill her.

Many others shared Donald’s sentiment.

If they were fighting one to one, it would be hard for Edmund to make short work of Zoey.

However, the situation was now different. Edmund had gotten his hands on the Skyward Sword.

Moreover, he had gone through solitary training in that area and filled himself with the sword’s Solaris Energy.

Given that he had built a link with the Skyward Sword, he was able to wield it more naturally and unleash the true extent of its power.

When Edmund saw how strong and stubborn Zoey was, he was enraged.

Given that he had cultivated Solaris Energy all this while, he was overflowing with it.

Combined with a Solaris Energy sword, he was like an angel who descended from Heaven to massacre its enemies.

With that, he unleashed Solaris Energy attacks with his sword in Zoey’s direction.

As a disciple of the Dark Emperor, Zoey was trained in Dark Energy techniques.

Therefore, her powers were neutralized by the Skyward Sword and Edmund.


Upon the Skyward Sword’s attack, Zoey was scorched by its Solaris Energy.

Edmund was blitzing Zoey at full power, overwhelming her and causing her to puke blood.


Zoey was flung backward as another shockwave struck her.

By then, she was covered with injuries.

“It’s time to end this!”

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