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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2193

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2193

End Of Solitary Training

Cyrus could feel himself melting from the heat since he couldn’t handle it. He’d soon disappear like a puff of smoke in a moment if he didn’t defend himself.

Thanks to the tremendous heat, Cyrus finally healed and did his best to defend against the energy coming off from Levi.

What’s going on? What happened?

Over the last two years, Levi’s life force got weaker and weaker, until it finally disappeared. It was as if he reached nirvana and

wouldn’t wake up no matter what Cyrus did.

He thought Levi was dead, but now he felt great energy coming from him.

This is unbelievable. Is this it? Has he completed his training?

But before he could finish his thought, a wave of energy slammed into him and made him spew blood, much to his surprise.

Holy sht. He injured me with just a sliver of his energy. God, he’s like the sun. Oh, sht. His energy is literally melting me!

Cyrus hollered in pain. He could feel his skin cracking up, his organs exploding, and his soul leaving his body. There was nothing but agony for him.

Technically, Cyrus had gone into solitary training for two years and became a lot stronger than he used to be. He was trying his best to defend himself, but still the waves of energy still crashed over him and worsened his injuries.

He even vomited blood in the process.

The agony mounted, and he could feel his soul breaking into two. Even so, he still set up his most powerful defense to keep himself from breaking apart.

He kept screaming, but it didn’t stop his injuries from worsening, and he started bleeding buckets.

This was the first time Cyrus came so close to death, and it was only from the energy Levi radiated unconsciously. The thought of what Levi’s real power might be alone made him shudder.

How powerful is he? Oh, it doesn’t matter. He’ll tear me into pieces instantly. I’ll be educed into atoms. Levi is… terrifying.

Cyrus was trembling in fear. Levi was getting hotter and hotter, and Cyrus felt like the sun was just inches away from him.

Unbeknownst to Cyrus, something big was happening outside the Prison of Darkness as well.

Crimson lightning was roaring in the heavens, screaming their fury.

Cyrus shrieked, for he could feel his body exploding in a moment. I’m dying…

He was trying to die, so he let himself go in the end, but after witnessing Levi’s power, he saw the hope of breaking free from the prison.

As a result, he didn’t want to die anymore. Now, he wanted to live, but the enormous heat was threatening to tear him apart.


Just before Cyrus exploded into smithereens, all that energy flowed back into Levi as if it was never there.

Just like that, all the pressure was taken off of Cyrus. Right before his death, Cyrus knew he was saved.

He was panting nervously but felt excited because he pulled through.

Just then, he noticed Levi opening his eyes, but what he saw were no ordinary eyes. He saw roaring lightning streaks, stars swirling, and universe shattering into pieces.

That was no ordinary gaze. It was just a single glance, but Cyrus felt his very soul shuddering as if he could keep no secrets from Levi.

Holy sht. This is crazy! What the fck is that? This isn’t the same Levi I know. He has… ascended. He looks divine like the world is a part of him.

It was a magical feeling, one Cyrus had only felt once when Levi’s mentor was around.

“Maestro, are you finally done?” Cyrus asked, excited.

“Yes,” Levi finally answered him after two years.

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