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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2188

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2188

Levi Is Hiding Because He Is Scared

It didn’t take long for the Garrison clan to declare they’d punish Levi and his family according to the ancient Garrison clan’s rules. At the same time, they listed all the crimes Levi had committed.

The news sent shockwaves across the nation. Once again, the legendary Levi was brought into the eye of the storm.

“Hah. I knew it. The Garrisons wouldn’t let him off the hook that easily. He has ruined them after all.”

“But he’s already gone for years. Even if he shows up, he’s still just a mediocre fighter. They’re going to kill him for real.”

“I bet he won’t show up now after hearing the news.”


Lots of people thought Levi went into hiding. They theorized that he did that because he knew times had changed, and he was no longer the strongest man on earth. Levi was at most a mediocre or below-average fighter.

Levi had a lot of enemies who’d do anything to kill him. If he were to show up, everyone would hunt him down. Put simply, the moment he made his appearance would be the moment he met his doom.

Because of that, the public thought Levi was hiding out of cowardice, and that theory was widely accepted. After all, Levi was also human. There was no point showing his face if he knew it meant meeting his maker.

They thought Levi would hide after hearing the news so everyone would still think he was dead.

Edmund shared their opinion. “I think so too. Levi’s probably still alive, but he’s hiding because everyone’s too powerful now.”

“I bet he has shown himself before and went back into hiding before anyone could recognize him.”

Edmund smiled. “I, for one, hope Donald could find him and show him the power of the new era.”

“Yeah. I wanna see how the erstwhile king survives the new era,” everyone else agreed.

Lots of people had that idea as well. Everyone who Levi defeated wanted to see how Levi would fare in the new world. They wondered if he’d die immediately, or if he’d make a great escape.

Either way, it would be interesting, so they didn’t want Levi to die.


Dark Emperor sneered when he heard the news about the Garrison clan’s hunt for Levi.

Levi can’t escape. It is not like Donald can do anything even if he knows Levi is in the Prison of Darkness. He can’t break into it anyway.

“Your Highness, the Garrisons will probably target Zoey next. With Levi gone, she’ll be their biggest target,” Death Fiend said.

Dark Emperor answered, “Zoey’s useless to me now. She has done all she should over the last three years. Everything we have now is thanks to her. To tell you the truth, she did everything for us. None of us even lifted a finger.”

Death Fiend and the others laughed. They knew Zoey was the one who worked to get their organization to this height.

“Once we get the sword, I’ll have no more use for her.” Dark Emperor sneered.

“Your Highness, do you think Donald would attack Levi’s child?” Death Fiend asked.

His colleagues answered, “Nope. His family is powerful, and rumors say that even The Cardinal Hall fears one of its members, but he won’t go against them over this.”

However, Dark Emperor had a different idea. “No. This madman will do it, and he can come up with a good reason for it.”

“Which is?”

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