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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2181

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2181

Not Even The Dark Emperor Can Break Free

It had been three whole years since then. Cyrus had nothing but loneliness to talk to. The Prison of Darkness was the ultimate torture for anyone. No matter how mentally and physically powerful someone was, it was still a living hell for them.

Even a veteran like Cyrus was at his wits’ end. The despair of eternal imprisonment was driving him mad. Over the last three years, he’d go into solitary training for three months before waking up, but he would never disturb Levi.

However, he couldn’t do it this time. The torture was driving him mad. He did his best, so now he wanted to wake Levi up and see if he could break them out of the prison.

I want to break free!

But no matter how much Cyrus tried, Levi still wouldn’t wake up from his solitary training.

“Are you done? Hello, are you still going to keep doing this? How much longer do you need? Please don’t tell me you need three more years…”

Levi didn’t answer. After that punch he made in the first year, Levi spent the rest of his time in solitary training and nothing else.

Cyrus was finally getting scared since Levi’s presence became weaker and weaker after he went into solitary training. Now, if Cyrus didn’t know better, he would have thought that Levi was dead.

Of course, he was terrified. If it were anyone else, they’d get stronger every time they went into solitary training, but Levi was the opposite.

Cyrus was a skilled fighter, so he knew Levi wasn’t hiding his presence. He was just… gone, like a monk who achieved nirvana and left his physical body behind.

He’d hold out for some hope if Levi got stronger over the course of his training, but what Cyrus felt was robbing him of that sliver of hope.

Can we even get out of here at this rate?

Cyrus was panicking. Over the next few days, he kept venting by bombarding the wall before him with everything he had. Halfway through, he

felt like killing himself and get done with it.

Exhausting himself to death was better than getting driven mad by loneliness. He tried everything he could, but still, Levi wouldn’t wake up.

If Cyrus didn’t look closer, he would think that Levi was dead. Since Levi wouldn’t wake up no matter what, Cyrus pretended he didn’t exist and did his own stuff.


Dark Emperor had finally arrived at their new base, but he could still sense everything that happened in the Prison of Darkness. “Struggle all you want.” He sneered. “But you’re never breaking free.”

Death Fiend asked, “Your Highness, how does one unlock this prison? I thought you said there’s no trick to it, so does this mean it can only be broken by brute force?”

Dark Emperor smiled. “No. You have no idea where this prison came from. Not even I can open it with brute force.”

“But if that’s the case, if Levi did give in, how would you open it then?”

“Yeah, does that mean he’s locked in there forever?”

Dark Emperor’s subordinates were curious.

“No. I can open it with a divine tool. I have a blade from Erudia, and thanks to it, I can open the Prison of Darkness. I used it to cut down one of the founders of the Lab of Gods using that blade, and that became their nightmare.

“Still, this is my first time using the Prison of Darkness. It’s a pity Levi didn’t turn out to be the person I want him to be. A waste of a good prison,” Dark Emperor lamented.

Death Fiend and the others smiled. “So nobody can open this prison unless they have this blade? Not even a guy like Levi?”

Dark Emperor thought pensively. “You’re right, but not fully. As far as I know, Erudia still holds a sword that’s on par with my blade. Someone on my level can open the prison if they wield that sword.”

“I see no difference. Levi doesn’t have that sword, and he isn’t as powerful as you are. That means he’s trapped in there forever.” Death Fiend grinned.

“I’m not interested in him now. However, I have received news about that sword. Rumor has it that it’s about to show up.” Dark Emperor’s eyes twinkled with desire.

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