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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2180

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2180

How Long Are You Gonna Take

There were too many fighters at the moment, and most of them were more powerful than Levi was three years ago.

Some organizations even came up with a machine that could calculate someone’s battle power.

Levi used to have a power level of over nine thousand, but now he was reduced to a mere five thousand. In other words, he was just a mediocre fighter.

In fact, Levi wasn’t even above average, let alone a top fighter. Because of that, everyone said that even if Levi was revealed to have survived the ordeal, he’d die in three days, since he was a prolific troublemaker. Everyone said that anyone from the new generation could beat him flat in no time.

Even if he were still lived, that meant nothing. He was no longer the star of the new era, and nobody cared about him anymore—he was no longer the savior he used to be.

To put it simply, Levi was just a nobody and no one cared whether he lived or died.

The Cardinal Hall shared the public’s sentiments. Levi was nothing but a weakling who couldn’t even secure a spot in the new era.

However, The Cardinal Hall and Eragon were different. No matter how much the times had changed, they were still the undisputed defender of Erudia.

They had a ton of fighters, and Edmund was leading them. They could protect the nation, but not Levi.

Along with Levi, the Lab of Gods had also become nothing but a weakling in everyone’s eyes. If they hadn’t disappeared as quickly as they did, those new organizations would have killed them off in no time.

Even if they managed to survive, they’d still get eliminated.

Too many fighters were emerging in the new era, and they pushed down the top fighters from the old age.

The new fighters quickly redefined what it meant to be on the top of the pyramid, and they broke records year after year.

In the first years, the top fighters were ten times stronger than they used to be. In the second year, they were thirty times stronger, and in the third year, they were a hundred times more powerful than they were.

The most drastic changes happened between the second and the third year. The first two years didn’t show much change, but the final year’s power levels skyrocketed.

If anyone didn’t know better, he or she would’ve thought this was a different planet. Because of the changes that took place, everyone thought the old fighters like Levi were only considered mediocre in the new era.

Getting into the Divine Leaderboard was harder than it used to be. In other words, if Levi were still alive, he couldn’t even beat his disciples in the new era.

They could say that because they simulated Levi’s battles before. Levi’s disciples could easily achieve what Levi did, for they were stronger than he was. Even they thought the same as the masses did.

However, Kirin and the others were excited, for that meant they could replace Levi and carry on his will to protect Erudia.

No matter what, Levi was still their boss.

But still, times changed, and their powers skyrocketed. They were already a hundred times more powerful than they used to be. Even though they still respected Levi, everyone knew they were already stronger than Levi was.

“Don’t you worry, boss. We’ll carry on your will. Erudia is ours to protect. Now that we’re stronger than you were, it’s time to take on the mantle. Rest in peace, boss.”

Or at least that was what Kirin and the others kept saying.

Everyone was stronger than what Levi used to be, and that was the truth. If Levi was still at the same level he was three years ago, then lots of people would have been stronger than he was.

He was nothing but history. Even Kirin and the others had to admit it since the new fighters proved their mettle.

Levi’s old enemies wished he were still alive, for they wanted to have a rematch after they got their hands on the new power.


Back at the Prison of Darkness in Sacred Organization’s abandoned base, Cyrus had come out of his solitary training.

He was locked in there for three years, just like Levi did, and he became a lot stronger than he used to be. Even so, he still couldn’t break free of the prison.

“Maestro, how much longer are you gonna stay in there?” Cyrus looked at Levi.

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