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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2179

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2179

The Disappearance Of The Lab Of Gods

Josiah and his team came to see Sammy in the dungeon. Not even he had the power to free his daughter, but he could still talk to her.

“Sammy! Great chance!” Josiah shouted. “Just say the word and you’ll be freed, pardoned, and taken back into the fold!”

Sammy glanced at her father, but she showed no interest in that offer.

“We’re now working with Maya Industries! All you have to do is marry their heir and you’ll be freed! This is your only chance! I fought hard for this!”

Sammy shook her head. “Just give up, dad. I won’t marry anyone. I’ll just stay here until I die.”

Josiah could guess why she was saying that, so he asked, “What? You still can’t forget about Levi?”

“Yes. I love him,” Sammy answered.

“You little slut! Levi’s our enemy, and he’s married! Why’d you fall for him?”

The crowd started hurling insults at Sammy. Even Josiah snarled, “But why? He’s already dead!”

Josiah could not believe what he heard.

“Then, I’ll stay single my whole life and die with him!”

Knowing that he couldn’t convince her, Josiah gave up. “Leave her be. Let her death be a warning to everyone in Triple Group.”

Triple Group had broken off all ties with Lab of Gods and turned to Maya Industries, trying to get into their good books.

Over the last three years, Lab of Gods didn’t do anything much. Aside from Lucifer moving around in the first year and becoming one of the Fearsome Four, nobody heard much from them.

Everyone was getting stronger as fast as they could, and new forces started to emerge, such as Maya Industries. However, there wasn’t much news about the Lab of Gods. Weirdly enough, they didn’t take part in the mining of resources like sunstones anymore.

Eventually, Lab of Gods was no longer the star of the show, and a lot of people either forgot about its existence, or they simply had never heard of it before.

Those who knew of its existence wondered what they were planning, and why did they disappear so suddenly.

They couldn’t get a hold on them, as if they had disappeared into thin air. It felt weird since they thought the Lab of Gods should be one of the most powerful forces in this new world.

Everyone wondered what they were doing, including The Cardinal Hall. They tried to look into the Lab of Gods, but they found nothing. It was as if they had vanished.

Everyone else was looking into it as well, but they too found nothing. What was once the world’s strongest organization seemed to have faded into the annals of history, but it didn’t feel right to them.

However, they quickly put the mystery behind them, since too many new organizations were making their entrance with every passing year.

Not even the lackeys who used to work for the Lab of Gods could get in touch with them. They lost all contact, so they didn’t know where the lab was.

That was also why Triple Group decided to turn to Maya Industries for help. If Lab of Gods was still around, they’d annihilate Triple Group just for their betrayal.

But after their disappearance, Lab of Gods was replaced by a multitude of new organizations, such as Maya Industries, Kings, and Garrison Industry.

Aside from that, Levi, Lab of God’s biggest nemesis, disappeared along with them.

Three years ago, they dominated the world headlines, but now nobody even talked about them. Everyone had truly forgotten about two of the most powerful entities in the world.

Nobody could blame them, since times were changing too quickly, and that was an understatement for the changes that happened over the last three years.

Some people said that Levi would get eliminated quickly even if he managed to survive.

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