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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2175

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2175

Where Levi Went

One of the individuals on the Divine Leaderboard was Southern Emperor who used to rank first on the Gem List.

He had long since disappeared from public view, but had resurfaced once at Eastford and was ranked fifth on the Divine Leaderboard.

No one knew what happened during the war at Eastford, let alone what Southern Emperor did during said war.

However, no one doubted the authority of the dark web either as it had been proven to be powerful and accurate over the years.

All of Erudia was in shock when they saw Southern Emperor being ranked fifth, especially since he had been forgotten after Levi and Robed Slayer surpassed him.

How is it that Robed Slayer, who used to rank second on the Gem List, end up not making it to the Divine Leaderboard while Southern Emperor gets ranked fifth there? Isn’t that too much of a difference? Could it be that there’s some kind of mistake somewhere?

Eventually, The Cardinal Hall stepped up to address the issue and stated that Southern Emperor was indeed powerful enough to rank fifth on Divine Leaderboard.

Meanwhile, The Manifest Court had also updated the Erudian Gem List and had Southern Emperor moved up to the top, so it would seem that The Manifest Court already knew about Southern Emperor.

There were quite a lot of Erudians who made it onto the Divine Leaderboard, and individuals like Kirin as well as White Tiger had even surpassed their seniors like Robed Slayer through hard work and training.

Even Azure Dragon and Black Tortoise came pretty close to the list.

Wynona fought at some point and made it onto the Divine Leaderboard too.

It was unknown what Sherrie had been through throughout those two years, but she somehow made it onto the Divine Leaderboard as well.

A lot of ordinary people have risen to power over those two years, so nothing seemed all that surprising anymore.

Even Sammy from Keerea as well as many of Levi’s close friends had made it onto the Divine Leaderboard.

Dark Emperor had been monitoring Levi closely at the Sacred Organization castle the whole time, and he hasn’t moved a muscle throughout his one year of solitary training.

Instead of waking up and punching the steel wall as he did previously, Levi simply continued his solitary training.

“Hmph, very well… Let’s see how long you can last…” Dark Emperor muttered under his breath in disdain.

Zoey was incredibly curious as to who was being locked inside that steel cage.

The last time Levi had attempted solitary training, he tried combining everything he learned from his technique book and various Forbidden Techniques to create a devastating attack, but it wasn’t of much use against the steel wall.

This time, he decided to forget all about his Forbidden Techniques and focus on the most basic of techniques instead.

There was no end to one’s training for power and speed as no one would dare claim to be the strongest nor fastest in the world, so Levi dedicated himself to reaching the ultimate levels for himself.

He had yet to awaken after a year of solitary training, but Dark Emperor could afford to keep waiting.

He had slowly trained Zoey into becoming a killing machine, and she was also losing her humanity over time.

Killing for vengeance was all that she cared about, and that was practically all that she did after rising to power.

Sacred Organization worked for the money and would do anything for whoever paid them.

“We’ve got a mission for you, Zoey! You’ll have to infiltrate and steal these drugs from Garrison Industry and kill everyone there afterward!”

Zoey had a blank look on her face when she received her new mission, which implied that she hardly cared about Erudia anymore.

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