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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2171

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2171

Levi After A Year Of Disappearance

One of them was a woman nicknamed Empress who began killing fighters one after another like crazy since her rise to power, including those from the Lab of Gods.

She had no qualms about killing anyone regardless of who they were, and her nickname Empress terrified countless people in just one year.

Everyone shuddered upon hearing it, and she was none other than Zoey Lopez herself.

In order to become stronger and protect her loved ones, Zoey fought countless battles and successfully gained a foothold in that era.

She was listed as one of the Fearsome Four, two of which were from Garrison Industry and Maya Industries respectively.

The last one of the four was Lucifer from the Lab of Gods.

He became increasingly stronger and bloodthirsty since his revival by Dr. Erebus, and the Lab of Gods had allowed him to go on a murderous rampage.

That was how he had become one of the Fearsome Four, and none of them have ever lost the battles they fought.

A series of rankings have been released to determine the strength of the powerful fighters, and Zoey’s name could be seen on each one.

Zoey knew Lucifer was the one who killed Levi and had tried to confront him several times, but Lucifer successfully avoided her each time.

Despite her desire to destroy the Lab of Gods completely, Zoey knew she wasn’t strong enough to do that yet and needed to continue becoming stronger.

Everything she did was for the sake of avenging Levi. Little did she know, he was actually being held captive by her mentor in the Prison of Darkness.

As the Prison of Darkness was isolated from the outside world, Zoey had sometimes passed him by without realizing it.

Meanwhile, Levi had put himself through solitary training for a whole year within Prison of Darkness.

The Dark Emperor had expected that Levi would submit to him after a while, only to be surprised when he saw Levi sitting there for a whole year.

Levi had woken up once at some point and punched at the steel wall in front of him.

The punch was so powerful that a huge crater had formed as a result, but it was still far from enough to break through the wall.

Levi then went back into solitary training, surprising the Dark Emperor with his determination once again.

“That’s still not enough, Levi! At this rate, it’d take you at least another ten years to break out of here!”

Give it up, Levi! You’ll never be able to get out of here!

The Dark Emperor thought to himself with a smile. Zoey happened to be next to him at the time, and Levi’s punch was so powerful that it shook the entire jungle around them.

“Who’s being locked inside this cage, Master?”

Zoey was curious about the Prison of Darkness after witnessing the terrifying power coming from within.

The Dark Emperor chuckled as he replied, “An enemy of mine!”

“An enemy of yours? Why would you lock him up, then?”

No one knows better than I do just how terrifying the Dark Emperor is. In fact, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call him a literal god! I can’t imagine anyone who would make an enemy of him!

“I want him to submit to me, and he will very soon. I’m sure he will after another failed attempt at breaking out.”

The Dark Emperor figured Levi would fail to break the cage a second time and submit to him out of desperation.

Thanks to Garrison Industry’s rapid development, Robed Slayer was able to reach a whole new level of power through their technology.

Even Azure Dragon’s men had become incredibly formidable fighters with the help of Levi’s technique book and Garrison Industry’s technology.

Garrison Industry had come so far with their research in pure energy beings that they were basically capable of synthesizing them, but its creation was not recommended.

One day, Edmund suddenly issued an order to have Garrison Industry serve The Cardinal Hall.

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