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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2168

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2168

Tricked By The Dark Emperor

Instead of being terrified, everyone simply laughed at Levi like he had said something foolish.

“Aren’t you overestimating yourself a little there, Levi?”

“Did you really think you could just walk out of here with her?”

“You have no idea how powerful the Sacred Organization is!”

The Eighteen Dark Angels burst into laughter as they figured he couldn’t possibly take Zoey with him.

The Dark Emperor cackled as he said, “Oh, I know what you mean! You plan on finding out where Zoey is upon getting here, right? Have you ever considered the possibility that you won’t be walking out of here? I’ll keep you here under my control forever! You thought you were smart, but you’ve fallen right into my trap! I had let them bring you here on purpose, Levi!”

The look on Levi’s face turned instantly upon hearing that.

“I may not have much power over you out there, but you won’t be escaping me now that you’re here!”


The place began rumbling violently all of a sudden, and a huge black door came crashing down from above.

Unbeknownst to Levi and Cyrus, a metallic wall had risen outside the castle and sealed it off completely.

“Stand down, all of you!” the Dark Emperor ordered, and all Eighteen Dark Angels quickly disappeared without a trace.

Levi and Cyrus were the only ones left inside the castle with no idea where the Dark Emperor was.

His voice sounded like it was coming from both the distant mountains and right next to Levi’s ear at the same time.

“From this moment on, you shall be trapped here until you are genuine about joining the Sacred Organization!”

The Dark Emperor then left after saying that, causing the castle to fall into complete silence.

“I think we’ve been tricked! This old b*stard is just trying to keep us trapped here!” Cyrus exclaimed in shock.

Levi shouted with an icy-cold look on his face, “Let’s start looking for an exit!”

With that, the two of them began searching the castle for a way out.

However, the entire castle was as large as four soccer fields combined, and Levi realized it resembled a cube-shaped cage.

They saw a smooth steel wall everywhere they looked, and the doors had all disappeared. There was no exit to be found.

Realizing that they were in a huge trap, the two began searching the place frantically for the mechanism to set themselves free.

“Stop your pointless struggle, Levi! You will find no mechanism in there! By breaking the steel wall is the only way out of there! I’ll break it for you if you agree to join the Sacred Organization! Of course, I know you’ll choose to continue struggling for a while before giving in. Enjoy your time in there!” The Dark Emperor’s voice was heard once again before disappearing for good this time.

Levi and Cyrus soon gave up on searching as they realized there was no way out of the steel cage.

“Looks like we’ll just have to punch our way out of this damned place!”

Desperate to see Zoey, Levi raised his fist and began punching hard on the steel wall.


The entire castle and the surrounding mountains shook from that punch, and a shockwave tore through the air around them.

However, the steel wall didn’t budge an inch from the impact.


Cyrus too, focused his energy on his attacks, but the steel wall held firm nonetheless.

Levi was losing his mind from desperation and pounded crazily on the steel wall.

The surroundings outside of it were destroyed by the shockwave alone, but their attacks only left a slight dent on the steel wall.

“One Finger Technique!”

Levi went as far as using the Forbidden Technique in an attempt to jab a hole through the steel wall.

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