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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2160

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2160

The Arrival Of The Cardinal Hall General

“What’s the matter? Do you want to kill me? Go ahead then. Since you can’t handle the Progenitor, the most you can do is take your anger out on regular citizens,” Sherrie called out tauntingly, “It’s the only thing you lot are good at!”

The bunch of The Cardinal Hall members- a group akin to “God,” fumed in anger.

Nevertheless, they could not lash out and had to restrain their temper.

If they killed Sherrie, it would only prove that her words were right.

They were a prideful group that refused to admit to their mistakes.

Both Levi and Cyrus had to resist the urge to burst out laughing.

It was comical to see them utterly humiliated by a young maiden as they could not retaliate.

They could only accept her insults in silence and embarrassment.

A bitter look crossed their faces when they heard Sherrie’s endless slanders.

Today, they had suffered a huge blow to their reputation.

“Since this is none of our business, our help ends here. We’ll leave the rest to you,” Levi announced and prepared to leave the scene with Cyrus.

They still needed to find Zoey and the Eighteen Dark Angels.

“Where do you think you are going? Are you trying to escape after this huge disaster?” Immediately, someone tried to halt them in their tracks.

The leader of the group stepped forward. “Stop chasing after them! Aren’t you guys ashamed of your actions?” he roared at his men.

“Though the truth is a hard pill to swallow, Levi was the one who single-handedly saved Goldenport Island. Without him, all of its citizens would be corpses. However, saving them should be our responsibility. Due to our negligence, Levi had to take the burden as we couldn’t arrive here on time!” their leader uttered coldly.

Such words caused his men to clench their fists in fury as their faces turned crimson red with anger.

How embarrassing!

As members of The Cardinal Hall, they liked to put themselves on a pedestal.

Subconsciously, they’ve always felt a sense of superiority and took pride in their strength.

The Cardinal Hall’s members viewed themselves as s of Erudia and expected the people’s blind devotion.

However, Levi was an exception. Repeatedly, he managed to stun the world with his actions and stole their glory as he carried out their responsibilities in their stead.

This made them feel indignant.

This indignance worsened because Levi was rumored to be stronger than them.

Even if that was true, they were too prideful to submit to him. His overwhelming strength merely increased their hatred toward him as their egos were bruised.

However, they had to admit that Levi was today’s hero because they arrived on the scene far too late.

After this incident, they loathed Levi even more.

They were determined not to let him steal their thunder anymore.

One by one, they swore that such a humiliating incident would never happen again.

After Levi and his group left, thundering noise echoed in the sky as a massive aircraft approached Golderport Island.

As soon as the aircraft landed, members of The Cardinal Hall rushed to welcome its arrival.

The doors slid open to reveal a mysterious figure.

The moment he stepped foot on solid ground, a menacing aura swept over the place. It felt as if a mountain had descended over Golderport Island.

The figure was dressed in a simple robe; his arms were crossed behind his back as he made his way out of the aircraft.

His pace was slow and unhurried, making him look like a divine being who walked amongst the mortal world.

Upon closer look, the figure had a cold yet handsome face.

Judging from his youthful appearance, he couldn’t be more than thirty years old.

This captivating man was none other than Edmund – The Cardinal Hall General.

The helm of The Cardinal Hall had finally made his appearance.

In a hurry, he had returned from the North to control the hectic situation the moment he caught wind about the incident in Goldenport Island.

“Where is it?” Edmund asked.

“Sir, it is a Progenitor from one of the earlier generations of Adrune’s Ancient Clans. We suspect that it might be from the first five generations. However, Levi has driven it away,” one of the men explained.

“Levi? Is he the father of that young genius?”

It was apparent that Edmund knew about Levi.

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