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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2159

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2159

Running Your Mouth

The ones who were clueless about the Progenitor looked confused.

“Is the Progenitor really so powerful?” someone asked curiously.

His question caused everyone to look at him with bafflement.

“Of course he is! Even the divine generals quake in fear when they hear his name.”

After the reply, the man who’d first raised the question kept his mouth sealed.

Finally, everyone realized the terrifying nature of the Progenitor as it was a creature that could strike fear even into the hearts of the divine generals.

They couldn’t believe that such a horrifying creature once roamed Goldenport Island.

“Since the Progenitor is nowhere to be seen, have you dealt with it already? The two of you look unscathed,” the gathered crowd asked fearfully.

“We have yet to deal with it because the Progenitor slipped out of our clutches. However, we have resolved Goldenport Island’s danger,” Levi replied solemnly.

“In truth, we managed to drive it away. Yet, its overwhelming strength makes it almost immortal,” Cyrus explained.

Everyone was stunned.

After a brief moment of silence, they regained their senses.

“Even after such a long battle, the two of you couldn’t subdue the Progenitor? You even let him escape? What if it is still lurking around Goldenport Island? Who knows, it might even make its way to other parts of Erudia.”

“Do you know what you’ve done? You made the situation even worse than before! You’ve angered it! What if it decides to take revenge?”

“Are you sure it ran away? It might be biding its time in hiding. There’s a possibility that it sneaked into Erudia instead. How can you guarantee our safety?”

Stricken with fear, the crowd hurled hysterical questions toward Cyrus and Levi.

Instead of expressing their gratitude, they were furious that Levi and Cyrus allowed the Progenitor to escape.

The onslaught of questions left the duo stunned as they stood there, at a loss for words.

Never in their wildest dreams had they expected such a reaction.

Are they for real? How much more shameless can this crowd get?

“Levi, I noticed that you are always at the forefront whenever something like this happens. How can you call yourself a savior when such a huge mishap has happened?”

“Great, not only did you fail to defeat the Progenitor, you even let it escape. Will you be the one responsible if something bad happens?” someone from the crowd called out sarcastically.

“Your mistakes have destroyed The Cardinal Hall’s plans. In truth, we are the advance team. Soon, The Cardinal Hall General will be here to clear up this mess himself.”

“That’s right!” The crowd nodded fervently. Their moods lifted when their general was mentioned. Although the Progenitor was strong, they were confident that The Cardinal Hall General could defeat it. After all, he had personally ventured forth to settle matters.

Once he was here, the Progenitor would be doomed. There would be no room left for it to escape.

However, Levi and Cyrus did not share the group’s enthusiasm. How could they change their minds so quickly? Weren’t they just scared out of their wits? We have a disaster on our hands.

Levi and Cyrus were puzzled by the group’s sudden change in demeanor.

Clearly, they were the ones who took action and worked together to solve Goldenport Island’s crisis.

However, they were met with criticisms and had to shoulder the blame.

Although the group arrived late, they pointed their fingers at Levi instead of owning up to their mistakes.

Furthermore, they blamed Levi and Cyrus for allowing the Progenitor to flee.

No matter how hard he tried, Levi could not wrap his head around the group’s logic and reasoning.

“Are you guys insane? The entirety of Goldenport Island would have succumbed by the time you arrived. Everyone here would have been slaughtered in cold blood. They were the ones who saved this island! How could you push the blame on them? Where were you when thousands of us were murdered in the hands of the Progenitor? Where were you when Goldenport Island was threatened? Of course, it’s much easier to push the blame on others, right? After all, this was all your fault. It was your weakness and incapability that led to the Progenitor coming here! Repeatedly, you’ve thrust Erudia into danger. It’s all because the bunch of you are good-for-nothing fools!” Unable to stand it anymore, Sherrie exploded in anger.

When the words left her mouth, the members of The Cardinal Hall flushed with anger.

Sherrie merely laughed coldly. “Have you realized the true extent of your uselessness? Why are all of you silent now? Weren’t you running your mouth a moment ago?”

Her words provoked them even more as they resisted the urge to hit her.

Yet, they could not deny the truth in her insulting remarks as Sherrie had hit a nerve.

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