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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2156

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2156

Levi Setting The Eighteen Dark Angels Up

The Progenitor knew it was Levi who sent him flying earlier.

As Levi had ignored his presence all the while, he went straight for him without hesitation.


The Progenitor appeared before Levi in a nanosecond and stretched out his hand to grab Levi.

Alas, he failed to grab anything.

Levi had swerved out of his reach swiftly.

The Progenitor widened his eyes in shock, finding it hard to believe that someone had just escaped from his claws.

Everyone else shared the same sentiment, too.


Before the Progenitor could realize what was going on, Levi appeared behind his back and retaliated with a kick that sent him flying again.

This was the second time the Progenitor was sent flying.

Sherrie and the rest were shocked beyond belief.

What is this combat prowess?

However, Levi wasn’t at all happy with his achievements.

Though he sent the Progenitor flying twice and caused the latter utter humiliation, the vampire didn’t even get hurt.

How strong must the Progenitor be?

The furious Progenitor lashed out toward Levi again and again, but Levi managed to avoid his attacks and even managed to retaliate.

No matter what Levi did, the Progenitor remained unscathed and continued attacking him angrily.

As the Progenitor lost his mind, Levi felt his blood boiling.

A powerful force from the Progenitor was trying to suck Levi’s blood away!

“You want to suck my blood? Dream on! Even mosquitoes don’t get to suck my blood, let alone you!” Levi declared.

He stepped forward and pointed at the creature with his left hand.

It was the One Finger Technique that managed to kill the pure energy beings by gathering his energy at a single explosive point.

His right hand balled into a fist as he punched the Progenitor with the Annihilation Blast.

He was sure both strategies would work together to defeat the vampire!


Before the explosion could happen, it disappeared into thin air.

The Annihilation Blast didn’t even get to activate itself.

The Progenitor was invincible, so the Annihilation Blast and One Finger Technique couldn’t harm him one bit.

The attacks were simply useless against him.

That was how strong the Progenitor was!

Though he was immune to Levi’s attacks, a vortex of anger swirled inside him when he realized how powerful Levi was.

This time, he was really losing his cool.

His eyes reddened as though blood was pouring in swiftly.

Little by little, he grew stronger and regained his full strength!

“What? That didn’t work?” Levi was stunned.

“Maestro, let me help!” Cyrus offered.

The Eighteen Dark Angels were watching the scene from the sidelines.

Clearly, they weren’t about to offer help.

The more miserable Levi was, the happier they were.

Before the Progenitor’s attack could land on Levi, the latter suddenly dashed away.

The Progenitor promptly ran after him.

However, Levi ran in the direction of the Eighteen Dark Angels, who were still acting like bystanders.

They were caught off guard when Levi suddenly showed up before them.

Levi sowed discord among them, and they had no choice but to fight against the Progenitor to save themselves.

The infuriated Progenitor unleashed his wrath on the Eighteen Dark Angels.

Levi dashed away swiftly.

Though the Eighteen Dark Angels wanted to leave, some of them were immobilized.

They had no choice but to continue battling against the Progenitor.

“F*ck you, Levi!” Death Fiend and the rest hollered.

Levi set them up!

Unsurprisingly, they were furious.

Grinning, Levi headed back and brought the injured survivors away with Cyrus’ help.

He didn’t feel guilty at all, for they did the same thing to him back then.

I even lost my life back then, so they deserve this.

After making sure Sherrie and the others were safe, Levi and Cyrus returned to the scene.

They wanted to know where Zoey was, so it was important to find out whether the Progenitor or the Dark Angels would win the fight.

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