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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2153

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2153

Excalibur Council Of Rodunst

It was clear what this creature would do out there.

Hell would descend on a peaceful country.

After all, that was what happened to Rodunst.

The creature appeared in the capital and airport, bringing disaster to the country.

Indeed, Rodunst was now a living hell.

After the coffin was opened, the creatures escaped and murdered innocent lives.

It was catastrophic.

One vampire was annoying enough, but there were two of them in Rodunst.

Though Rodunst immediately dispatched various martial artists, men with superpowers, witches, wizards, and even its own Excalibur Council, which was comparable to Zarain’s Shield, each and every one of them who went there ended up dying on the battlefield.

No one could stop the vampires!

Nothing seemed to be able to stop them in their tracks.

The city was beyond saving, so Rodunst hurriedly ordered a complete news blackout to prevent the situation from blowing up.

They were still in the midst of finding out what those creatures were and where did they come from.

Meanwhile, on a cruise ship sailing on the ocean.

Back then, some survivors fled the island and boarded the cruise, but the creature managed to catch up to them.

Now, the cruise was floating on the sea toward an unknown destination.

Once it docked somewhere, it would be a disaster, especially if the dock was a busy one.

The Lab of Gods received news of the vampires almost immediately.

Though Rodunst swiftly ordered a news blackout, they still managed to find out what had happened.

Scias laughed. “Now that Excalibur Council has found out what the creature is, they might find another vampire to start a negotiation. Rodunst’s trouble will come to an end soon.”

His tone then took a turn. “But Erudia will need more time to deal with it.”

Jester King hesitated for a long time before asking, “Is this the end already?”

Scias shook his head. “Of course not. It’s not that simple. Let’s just wait and see! By the way, let’s see where the other one is. Oh, he’s going in the right direction—Archulea in Nuthana!” He chuckled in delight.

Jester King inquired, “Will the Kings take their revenge? After all, I got one coffin from them.”

It was Jester King who wiped the secret training base out and stole the coffin that belonged to the Kings.

All the while, the Kings had been experimenting on hibernating vampires in secret.

The Lab of Gods happened to find out about it and sent someone to take the coffin away.

“They might suspect us. But I have a plan, so don’t you worry,” Scias declared smugly.

As expected, Excalibur Council was busy finding a vampire to negotiate with the two vampires.

As the most influential organization in Rodunst, just like The Cardinal Hall, Excalibur Council held many secrets. For example, they held the vampires and other Ancient Clans’ members captive.

They had also carried out plenty of experiments.

Right now, they decided to release the vampire they held captive so he could negotiate with the other two and hopefully persuade them to stop.

The reason Excalibur Council could find out the origins of the creatures was that the creatures used to roam around in Rodunst in ancient times.

They recorded the existence of the creatures and captured some of them.

However, Erudia didn’t have any experience in handling vampires, so they were rendered helpless by the creature’s strength.

No one knew what was going on on Goldenport Island.

Only those who’ve seen it with their own eyes would have a clue.

This was the biggest predicament they had ever faced, for the vampire was incredibly strong.

Right now, he was killing the residents one by one.

In a blink of an eye, hundreds of them lost their lives.

The rest could only watch as despair surged within them.

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