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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2150

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2150


“Didn’t the Ancient Clans show themselves? I shall release everyone and see what happens!” Scias declared with a sinister smile, as though he had everything under control. He was clad in his suit, as usual.

Jester King chuckled and changed the topic. “By the way, how’s Lucifer doing?”

“He can save anyone he wants. Lucifer shall evolve after coming back from the dead!” Scias answered with a smirk.

Jester King lamented, “Well, he’s the most terrifying doctor who had been involved in most of the experiments! Now that Levi is dead, no one can harm us.”

Scias smiled. “Yes. They only saw a fragment of our true strength.”

“I can’t believe you found out where they are. They have no idea what they are going against!” Jester King exclaimed. “No one can stop the four coffins. I can’t wait to see what will happen next in Goldenport Island!”

Meanwhile, all fighters had gathered around the factory on Goldenport Island, including Xenotoph and the others.

After all, Goldenport Island’s survival was at stake.

Disaster had already befallen Rodunst, so they wanted everyone on Goldenport Island to be safe.

The fighters and Protectors sent over by Dragonites and The Cardinal Hall had joined forces, so it should be enough to defend themselves.

Johannes, Xenotoph, and the other important figures gave commands. “Some of you should stay guard outside. Some should head in. Everyone, stay together. Don’t spread out. We shall enter together!”

Under Xenotoph and the other fighters’ lead, a few hundred men stepped in while the rest stood guard outside the factory.

As there was a problem with the wiring, the entire factory was dark and silent.

Once they stepped in, the unmistakable metallic smell of blood overwhelmed their senses.

Everyone panicked inwardly, for the dark environment gave them the creeps for some reason.

Human beings had always feared the unknown.

Besides, they knew there was something terrifying inside.

Thus, they were all intimidated.

The silence was deafening.

The master of magical techniques, including Xenotoph, started allowing their senses to spread all over the building.

Alas, they couldn’t sense anything. It was as though there was no living creature in the factory.

“Let’s keep going!”

They marched ahead and soon arrived at the interior of the factory, which was close to where the coffins were placed.

The journey was unexpectedly smooth as though nothing dangerous was present.

However, no one dared to let their guards down.

Everyone held their breaths anxiously. Even the martial artists and masters of magical techniques were sweating profusely.

A cloud of uncertainty loomed, and that was what really shook their confidence.

If it wasn’t anything dangerous, Rodunst would’ve rid of it instead of keeping a lid on it.

“Be careful. I believe it’s nearby. Perhaps we’ve already been targeted!” Xenotoph reminded, his body tensing up.

Suddenly, the people outside the factory spotted something.


Everyone’s heads whipped around to look at the sky.

It was almost daybreak, but the sky had turned dark without warning.

No one knew when it happened, but there was a bloody red moon smacked in the middle of the sky.

Everyone gaped in disbelief.

Oh, no. We’re doomed!

“Be careful. Something bad is coming!”

“We need to inform God of Gamblers and the rest about it!”

Right then, Xenotoph led the rest to the area where the coffin was placed.

“Stay alert!” Xenotoph reminded.


Fear had engulfed everyone.

Everyone who was in the vicinity had goosebumps when the temperature dropped sharply.

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